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Derek Lee


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I don't have any anger toward D-Lee...


And if you have anger toward D-Lee for not getting a hit, why not toward A-Gon! And while we're at it, let's boo Miguel Cabrera!


This thread is complete bulls***...

At least A-Gon did for us at sometime this year... Cabs is young... DLee is plain horrible... can't you see that?

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Wild Card


Alex has been clutch this year


atleast Cabs hit the ball... and he is only 20... he gets a free pass

I was being sarcastic, but that's not the point.


The point is, this was a game we could have won. Lee has been VERY clutch as of late. Sorry he couldn't get a hit.


Sorry A-Gon, who hasn't been clutch in the time Lee has, couldn't live up to the standard either. And Miguel, I mean come on, the kid should get a clutch hit every once in a while! :rolleyes:


This is a joke. Stand by your god damn players and don't create threads just to trash them. I don't understand some of you guys on the Lee subject.

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Dude Lee has never been clutch in his career.

I never said he was clutch. In fact, I'll admit he isn't.


BUT that's my point. We all know he's not clutch, and yet you all expect him to hit a HR when the game is on the line, and you always get pissed off when he doesn't!


Makes a lot of sense... :rolleyes:

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miguel cabrera gets a free pass


dont get me wrong i love carbrera but he only has 5 major league hits, we all know he is gonna be good but dont be bias. lee has been clutch of late


and alex gonzalez went 0 for 4 last night and left 9 runners on base


and all u could say was agon had a hard night


all of you are hippocrits


shut it

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you guys are retarded you cannot expect 40 he's and 120 rbi's from every single person in your line up


if d.lee its .260 and 25 hr's and 70 rbi's


thats ok because he plays great defense and there are other batters that can pick him up


and now all of you love pudge beause he is hot and all you could say before was, "what a waist of money"


when hollandsworth was terrible all you guys could do was boo him, and when he got hot he became hollandsdouble, and everyone praised him


a couple of starts back penny went 7 or 8 innings and he allowed one run. next start he then got rocked by the mets. and all i read in here was that he needs to be traded, sent to AAA, or to the bullpen. and then he came back and got a win, i didnt here anyone b***hing then.


so none of you guys have any arguement, you are all hippocrits, and like someone said before stand by your damn players.

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JRod how can you get on AGON with the season he has been having? If Lee was having that kind of year my mouth would of been shut.

Who cares about the year? What matters tonight is how he did tonight. And he failed as well as Lee. The both failed to win the game, or to score a run for that matter. Why not get on BOTH their cases for not winning TONIGHT?

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