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Fielder Named Starting Quarterback


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Yea this was in the Herald today and on the bottom line all day.


Good for Jay, maybe he really is underrated.



That was Sean Salisbury's point on 790 about half an hour ago.


He said hes talked to teammates and most of the players have respect for him and think he is a leader.


But I think I might have gone with Feeley to give the guy we traded a 2nd round pick for, a shot.


No matter what no one can deny that Fielder has heart.

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Finheaven.com has an interesting commentary about the Dolphins basically setting him up for failure. In that case, it's a win-win for the fans because most hate Feidler and if he does well in the beginning we'll be happy with Wannstedt and if he sucks at the beginning and the teams doesn't win as a result, Wanny can plug in Feely and let him get some wins. Saying the WRs, OL, and RBs will be more comfortable as the season progresses. Much like the way the Giants are handling the Kurt/Eli situation. Kurt will start and get destroyed while Eli will come in an look like a hero if he salvages a few games.

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isnt Fiedler like 35-17 over the past 52?


maybe 2 of those wins were because of him.the rest were because of the defense,ricky,or defense. did i mention the defense?



What about 2000 when we were 7th in offense with superstars like Lamar Smith, Oronde Gadsden, a young Chris Chambers, and Jed Weaver?

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Guest marlins02

weaver was on that team.



chambers was drafted in 2001.



i dont got a problem with Jay being named the starter. obviously the idea of trading a 2nd round pick for a career backup QB who your not going to start even though you gave him a nice bonus does piss me off a little but thats what this franchise has been reduced to.

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speaking of jed weaver. the dolphins picked him up today after he was released



That dude is a rocking blocker. I'd love to see him in 2 TE sets with Randy on the other side. Anyway, I don't think the Fins believe that Feely will be the backup for long because the Fins will probably release Feidler next June 1 because he's due to make $4 million which they don't want to pay. I'd love for the Fins to draft someone like Chris Rix next year in the third or fourth round to be a second or third QB.

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