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what did YOU do this weekend


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Well its only Sunday morning, but yesterday I:


-Solved 37 phsics problems

-Finished History Vocab

-Finished Chemistry summer packet (finally)

-Watched the Dolphins and marlins games

-Got depressed so I went in the pool for a while

-Played Madden

-Went on mb.com/ had ramdon im conversations the rest of the night.


Hopefully I can actually do stuff before 1 today.

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Dance on Friday night which was a very good night :hat

Slept over a friends house on the same night.


Saturday finished reading Huck Finn and cheered ND to their upset over UM and then watched The Miguel Cotto fight.


Sunday - Finish my hw(Only about an hour's worth which is great seeing that it's taken me three hours to do my hw this past week with all their unloading), watch The Giants upset The Iggles. Gloat to Das Texan and KJC on how The Giants look really go up on the top of the NFC East Standings, then do some writing for The RWF, talk to a few friends and go to bed.

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Guest marlins02

friday: got a package i was waiting for. went to my grandparents to eat lunch, watched the marlins doubleheader. washed my car and watched the UM game.


saturday: talked to my friend over the phone, watched the dolphins and Marlins games. threw random stuff. read some. watched the FIU game, read some more and used the internet.


today i plan on reading more, writing some commercial for class or i might just do it tommorow. it aint that hard. everything stops for the marlins game and then watch some football after the marlins game.

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thurs night - drove str8 from gainesville and went to the grove, met up with my friends at magarita mamas. then went to dennys after


fridayyyy oh yea - went to dolphin to holla at the hos cuz it was too early and there was nothing to do. i got 3 #s of some fine private school girls. then went to a keg party. cruise the grove to pick up my friend , then hit up the beach and my friend was leaving to the marines so he wanted to go to a strip club so we went to club madonna. my first time in a strip club too


sat - dolphin mall cause we were bored and it was early again. were there like 30 min then went to my other friends house, then we went to the grove to meet up some hos, then a UM keg party, then at 2 we left and hit up another party up in gables at some bigass house. im thinking the house cost more than 10 mill itself. dam that thing was big. then we went to dennys.


and i got plentyy of piksures. awww skeet skeeet

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