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Favorite political talk shows?


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Which ones are your favorite, just a simple question.


My #1 is Meet The Press, Russert has earned my respect even further reading his last book. He asks the tough questions to those on both sides but never interrupts and always gives them enough time to speak while being educated on the topic in case he has to come in. The reason he never interrupts and lets his guests speak is why he's the best in the biz. I can't stand Mathews and O'reilly when they go off on these tangents trying to tackle their guests who are given no opportunities to speak.


I also like Crossfire when Carville's on but any other day I don't watch when it's Begala. I also like Lou Dobbs.


Of course all The PBS programs are great as well and The Capital Gang. Just a calm discussion with more facts posed rather than hypothetical questions like you get on a lot of The "Cool" primetime political shows.

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1) The Sean Hannity Show on ABC Radio

2) Hannity and Colmes on Fox News Channel

3) Meet The Press on NBC

4) Scarborough Country on MSNBC

5) The Rush Limbaugh Show

6) The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel

7) Radio Factor with O'Reilly on Westwood One Radio

8) Meet The Nation on CBS

9) Hardball on MSNBC

10) The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC

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Ehh, maybe it's because of his demeanor. He also cares deeply about the outsourcing crisis in this country.




Great article actually by Thomas Sowell. He talks about outsourcing, the major crisis in the U.S. He gives the numbers of jobs that have been lost to outsourcing and how many jobs the U.S. had GAINED from other countries outsourcing, which he refers to as 'insourcing'. In 2001 which in fact was a bad year for the economy we lost 2.8 million jobs to other countries but gained 4.7 million. So the net increase of jobs in the U.S was almost 2 million. Trade works both ways we lose jobs and we gain them. In fact in 2003 we gained close to 6 million jobs due to insourcing and lost about 3 million. The problem is almost no one is well educated in free trade and this type of global economics, so people, unfortuneately complain about people losing their jobs to these practices, a reasonable concern. But studying the picture further clearly shows that there would be a favorable balance for the U.S and it will also benefit other countries involved by increasing their GNP. The major concern with free trade and such is what foreign govt's will do with the new capital and how workers will be treated in these countries. However, this is somehting that must be agreed upon before reducing the boundaries, BUT free trade is GOOD for the U.S. completely, the big losers will be the monopolies that function with protective tariffs, but the increased global competition will benfit the consumer greatly and the worker.

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Definitely the Savage Nation (Michael Savage)


this guy has got his s*** together.



He has a few moments of wisdom and usually is well rounded on what he's talking about but the man's a bigot.


His responce to finding out one of his callers was gay "You're one of those sodomites, You should only get aids and die".

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In no particular order:


Scarborough Country




He's certainly gaining my respect very quickly. Yeah he's a republican and he'll show that throughout his show but like Pat Buchanan he know's when to acknowledge truth and go against the party when he sees it.


I also liked Buchanan and Press until MSNBC yanked it.

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