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I don't think anyone can really say they're not the jealous type. Jealousy is something everyone experiences. It's part of being human.


The difference lies at the amount of jealousy one experiences. I admit I can be a jealous person but I don't go overboard. I don't care if Max tells me he's gonna hang out with his buddies. I'll just do my own thing. He knows that if he wants to hang with just his friends that I don't mind. Why should I get jealous? I trust him so I don't have a reason to be jealous.


I had a bad experience with jealousy in high school, so I told myself I'd never be that way with a guy. This guy I was dating in high school was so jealous, one day he even got upset because my male cousin, who was about my age, greeted me by giving me a kiss on the cheek. The guy didn't let me hang out with who I wanted and I couldn't wear certain things. For example, if I wore a tank top, I had to wear a shirt under because if not, he'd get all pissy.


The way I see it is that your partner has a life too and it shouldn't have to revolve around you 24/7. You don't have to be jealous unless you had a reason to, and if you had a reason to be jealous, then get out of the relationship because you can't live that way.

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