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Do you drive the speed limit?


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Usually between 5-10 over unless on Calle Ocho or the Highway.


Of course if traffic is going 15 I have to go the rate of traffic :)


And on the way home from the park, all bets are off

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The only place besides school zones (& FIU) that I don't mess with is Miami Springs. Those cops will stop you for anything. They're tough. I try to stay exactly at 30 MPH when I am going down Ludlam or Royal Poinciana.




HA! Try Bal Harbour. They'll kill you for doing 30.5 mph. I used to sing at a Temple on the beach and it was easier to go through Bal Harbour than go around it but the magical thing was that as soon as you passed Haulover Beach (going south), everyone slowed down and went exactly 30mph. As soon as everyone went south of 80th street, the race was on!


Guilty as charged. I usually go about 5-10 over. I was late for something last night and managed to go almost 90 on I95. That's a scary mph. You could do some serious body damage at 90 mph.


I wanted to live long enough to enjoy my new house, so I backed it off to 70.

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I top out at 80. Mostly because A) I like my limbs all intact, and I don't trust other drivers enough to be able to speed so close to them and B) my car shakes when it goes too fast.

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