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Hey Red Sox fans....


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I've always been a Sox fan. Not as big a fan as I am of the Giants and Marlins, but they're the team I've always rooted for in the American League... Plus my grandfather played for the Boston Braves, and he was a huge Red Sox fan, so I've always followed them.


That sign is awesome. The day after Game 7, I sent an email to a bunch of my Yankee friends. The subject of the email was "Who's your Daddy now?" When they opened the email, it was a big picture of David Ortiz.... then at the bottom I put some pictures of the Sox celebrating. I may have lost some friends, but I couldn't resist it...


And I have to say, when the Sox were down 3-0, I never lost hope. I said it, not to count these guys out just yet... I'd like to give myself some credit for the comeback too. I made sure to be sitting on the lazyboy with my cell phone and remote control in the same exact spot, just like I was when they made their first comeback in Game 4... I had to cancel plans and miss softball games to be on that lazyboy for Games 5 through 7. I didn't want to risk giving them bad luck by changing my routine.... Yes, I'm a little superstitious.

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Already ordered my man? :thumbup






And Accord, me and Juanky are pretty damn real Sox fans. Don't generalize us with that ugly group of people. :)



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OK, I see you're gonna make me explain myself to you... Not that I feel like I have to, but you obviously don't want me to like the Red Sox.


My grandfather played for Boston... in the city of Boston. His heart was with the city and not the team, so he therefore became a Red Sox fan after his playing days were over (he never made it to the big leagues, he quit baseball shortly before being called up because my grandmother asked him to).


It's amazing how people on this messageboard have to question everything. Now, not only am I being questioned on liking these 3 teams, but you're questioning why my grandfather was a Sox fan... Unbelievable.

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I'm joshin' with ya man.


Yeah, the Tigers do suck.



Dude, I've just been fortunate in having the 3 teams I like in the World Series 3 years in a row. I wish it was the Giants 3 years in a row, but I've been pretty happy the last 3 seasons. Well, in 2002, I was happy up until the the 7th inning of Game 6 in the World Series.


I'm not a huge Sox fan. I'm more of a National League guy, but in the AL, they're the team I've always liked to watch.

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I wasn't questioning your allegiances, just your logic. The way you stated the original proposition, you seemed to suggest that being a Braves fan automatically makes one a Sox fan. That is a non sequitor.


As for the rest: I doubt anyone here really cares what teams you follow or why. But it is rather fun to see you squirm.

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