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Kerry utlizing Bush's own words against him


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TOLEDO, Ohio (Reuters) - Democratic challenger John Kerry turned President Bush's own words into a weapon on Thursday and said it was the Republican incumbent who had jumped to conclusions in Iraq, disqualifying him from being commander in chief.


Kerry threw the words back at the president 24 hours later, announcing he was going "to apply the Bush standard" and declaring: "Mr. President, I agree with you."


"George Bush jumped to conclusions about 9/11 and Saddam Hussein," he said. "George Bush jumped to conclusions about weapons of mass destruction and he rushed to war without a plan for the peace. George Bush jumped to conclusions about how the Iraqi people would receive our troops. He not only jumped to conclusions, he ignored the facts he was given."




Almost drowned out by a thunderous wave of foot stomping from thousands of supporters packed into a University of Toledo arena, Kerry added: "I hope George Bush can hear that. That is the rumble of change coming at him."


Kerry recalled how President John Kennedy took the blame for the bungled Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba in 1961.


" "Can you imagine President Kennedy ... standing up and telling the American people he couldn't think of a single mistake that he had made? When the Bay of Pigs went sour, John Kennedy had the courage to look America in the eye and say to America 'I take responsibility, it is my fault."'


Challenging Bush, Kerry said: "Mr. President, it is long since time for you to start taking responsibility for the mistakes that you've made."

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I thought it was better when Bush said that Kerry is wrong for jumping into assumptions without knowing all the facts about the missing weapons and going with it anyway and Kerry just says... and how about Iraq, those WMDs that we assumed were there. Its not like Bush has ever assumed something right?

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Funny, Kerry voted in suport of all these assumptive plans for war.



Like as its been said a zillion times, under the assumption everything would be done before hand and exhausted before we went to war, and that criteria was not met.


Yet Bush still says the war was justified, the war was right, no matter how many troops have died, how many innocent civilans have died or how many friendships and enemies we have made.

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He thought he could trust the president...



This would be the same president who was accused of stealing the 2000 election right?


What kind of statement about Kerry's judgment is it when he puts his "trust" in a known idiot and election thief? Not much I would think. In fact, it suggests Kerry is an even bigger idiot...



Kerry has never said Bush was an election thief, or an idiot. Maybe he's made fun of his intelligence, but I think you'd be hardpressed to find a quote of Kerry saying Bush is an idiot or election thief.


You support Bush still, Kerry doesn't any more. If Kerry is an idiot for supporting Bush 2 years ago, whats that make you and FF?

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When the world is seen in black and white, it makes no difference. Thats evident by the absurd tonyi post. Kerry giving a frank opinion of what we might consider after Afghanistan all of a sudden is evidence that he ABSOLTULEY WAS FOR THE WAR and despite his speech to the Senate in 2002 saying we need to make sure everything is done when he did give authorization, his vote was ABSOLUTLEY FOR THE WAR and despite his clear and obvious explanation, he is now ABSOLUTLEY A FLIP FLOPPER.


Whats clear to me is this. Bush went with the flip flopper campaign. Kerry crushed it in teh debates. Thats evidenced by that fact that he undid the damage of months upon months of Bush's ads calling him a flip flopper. We dont hear those attacks anymore do we? Maybe because they were effective to the true believers only but didnt have the effect they hoped they would. Tonyi can keep screaming till he is blue in the face. At least the Bush campaign has the sense to know when to give it up.

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