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Marlins Fantasy Camp this Friday!


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Which pros will be there


I'm pretty sure the only player currently on the Marlins roster that will be there is Lenny Harris. There's a bunch of retired players and whatnot going, most aren't from the Marlins though, it's more like a major league fantasy camp than a Marlins fantasy camp.

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I was planning on going and I called to sign up a few months ago only to find out that you've got to be 21 or 25, I forgot.


its for 30 and over...i helped out last year as a hitting coach...i felt like a baby out there cause am only 24 and all campers are 30 and over and most of the players and coaches are over 40 and 50...when u do turn 30 i highly recomend this camp if u happen to have $3,500 lyeing around...they make u feel a real MLB for the whole week cause u do a MLB routine..and u get to play 1 to 2 games a week and the last day of camp u play against the ex mlb players and coaches...

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Hey everybody!


Got back from Fantasy Camp! It was an absolute blast! We had Wayne Rosenthal, Charlie Hough, Jack Armstrong, Jeff Torborg, Dale Torborg, Tommy Hutton (The Commish) Jim Hutton, Bob Natal, John Shoemaker, Juan Bustabad, Alex Arias as our coaches. They were a trip! I was on Jeff and Dale Torborg's team, the Carolina Mudcats. Our pitcher pitched a 8-0 shutout in the first game and then we won 14-4 the second game. One of our players tripled twice and scored from first twice. The third game was called because it rained. We had to play three on Saturday because it rained so hard on Friday.


At the Awards dinner on Saturday, our team took three of the five awards presented. Our pitcher won the Cy Young, one of the guys won Best Hitter and I won Best Personality. We had 5 women in the camp and I was one of the five. One of the women won the Gold Glove award. We almost beat the Pros in Sunday's game. We lost 3-2.


Rosey taught me how to pitch correctly. He is a trip! I wish I could post the pictures on this site.


We all received Charlie Hough bobblehead dolls. And he signed them. He is so funny!


We all get our very own baseball cards, but we don't get them until the reunion at Pro Player (my bad, DOLPHINS (ugh) Stadium) in the summer.


My picture was in the Palm Beach Post on Saturday. I was standing next to Charlie Hough. One of my co-workers told me he saw me on the news on Channel 7. Mike DiPasquale was one of my teammates and he interviewed me. It was so cool. Craig Minervini played on the Pro team for the Dream Game on Sunday and he interviewed me for Fox Sports News. Everybody kept calling me a celebrity. It was so funny.


Those three days were the best time I have ever had in my whole life. I'm already signed up for next year.


Andre Dawson was supposed to be there, but they had that meeting with Carlos Delgado on Saturday.


Tim Spooneybarger came and hung out with us for a little while on Friday when we were being scouted by the Legends for the draft.


My goal now is to lose weight and strengthen my throwing arm so I won't get hurt again next year! I hurt my arm and sat out the second game and Jeff Torborg let me keep score.


BTW, the minimal age limit was 25.


Go to www.allstaradventures.com to contact them for information on next year's camp. Tell them Kimberly told you about it.


If there is a way for me to upload pics, please let me know!

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