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TV kinda sucks now


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...compared back 10 or so years ago


Look at all the good shows in 1994


You had these great shows (IMO): Seinfeld, Coach, Roseanne, Married With Children, Simpsons (when it was good)


Then you also had good shows like Fresh Prince, Home Improvement and Martin.



Now we have crap.

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yea... they need to bring back Coach reruns. I think I saw that they were on at like 5 in the morning on some channel.. but still. That show was classic.


coach is on at 7am on USA network


but an even greater show is on at 6am...




nothing beats slow motion fighting

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Guest Juanky

House is the only live action show worth it anymore


Law and Order has been spun off so many times it isn't worth watching the new ones.

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Guest Moneyball

Now we have the Inferno and American Idol.


But on the other hand we have Family Guy and American Dad.


So I guess it evens out.

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I admit it, I'm a TV geek. The shows I watch:


Monday: WWE RAW

Tuesday: House, The Office (American version- seasons over already, though)

Wednesday: Lost, (as much as I hate to admit it) Stacked

Thursday: CSI, WWE Smackdown

Friday: 8 Simple Rules (the girls are hot), Monk

Saturday: Nothing, really

Sunday: The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Arrested Development, Boston Legal


My roomate has gotten me into watching Futurama and King of the Hill lately (usually catch them on Adult Swim and FX respectively).

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Monday: Soemtimes Two and a half men, nothing much else

Tuesday: Law and Order SVU

Wednesday: South Park (even though it gets worse every year)

Thursday: The Apprentice, ER

Friday: Never watch primetime TV

Late Saturday: Cheap Seats mini-marathons

Sunday: Simpsons, Arrested, Family Guy, Boston Legal (hopefully itll come back on Sundays instead of Gray's Anatomy), a little bit of Desperate Housewives


Every night: Conan O'Brien, BBTN, Cheap Seats, Stump the Schwab

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Boston Legal (hopefully itll come back on Sundays instead of Gray's Anatomy)



Boston Legal will be back with next fall- Grey's Anatomy is doing so well (often a top 15 program) that it'll stay in the 10:00 Sundays timeslot for the rest of the season. Boston Legal still has 5 unaired episodes from this season that will air next season. Legal might also get a new timeslot and day next fall too, which is diappointing. I can't watch Grey's Anatomy knowing it stole Legal's timeslot.

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