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Better Young Hitter?

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I know how much you all love polls, so answer this: Who is better? Pujols or Cabrera?


The stats generouslly favor Pujols, but who do you think is better?


Career Stats:


Pujols: .333 AVG, 533 RBI, 169 HR, .623 SLG, .413 OBP, 832 hits (5 years)

Cabrera: .294 AVG, 199 RBI, 50 HR, .507 SLG, .359 OBP, 303 hits (3 years)

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If were talking young players I am going with Cabrera. He is only 22.


We dont even know exactly how old Pujols is says he is 25 looks like he is 30.


Yes he can hit the ball farther but I tell you there is something very special about the way Cabrera swings the bat and in 3 years Cabreras body will be as strong and big as Pujols if he is only 25. There is a big difference how mature thier bodys are.


I know one thing Cabrera can hold over Pujol's head that is a 2003 World Series Trophy I know we are only talking about what they do as a player. But I did not see Pujols helping his team win the world series. :whistle Best players come to play when it is time to play. Regular season means nothing. Just a bunch of numbers that most of the time dont even add up to be on the charts. But Cabrera batting clean-up in the World Series at 20 that means something.


Please correct me if I am wrong did Pujols even hit a home run in the World Series. Didnt think so........


I am a little bias but my pick is MIGGY!!!! :thumbup

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