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If you were a pitcher on this staff....


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If i were Jack i would put Dtrain in the clean up role and bring sea bass to the 3 spot. Then on non dtrain pitching days we can have him play OF.

off topic but slaphands i love the sig


Has there been any talk at all of why Sea Bass was never moved up in the order when he got hot? Are they that terrified that he'll start trying to hit homers that they leave him rooted at the bottom when we could use him hitting second or third? Oh, and slaphands that sig is awesome.

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I'd s*** in their face and rub it into their pores.



dammit moneyball I just spit up my dr. pepper reading that.



Actually I think moving Sea Bass up in the order is the only thing they haven't tried yet, short of batting Jim Mecir leadoff and using Lenny Harris out of the bullpen.

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