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OJ Simpson in trouble again


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Police called to fracas at Simpson's house


A friend of O.J. Simpson's called police after an ex-girlfriend of Simpson attacked him. Police said no charges will be filed.




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An argument between O.J. Simpson and his ex-girlfriend created a different kind of fireworks on the Fourth of July.


Christie Prody, Simpson's on-again, off-again girlfriend, attacked Simpson outside his Kendall home, then went after a friend of Simpson's, slapping and scratching him, too. The friend called police.


''She went after O.J. like a vampire, and he just stood there and took it,'' said Steve Dockendorf, who witnessed Monday's fight. Dockendorf had come to Simpson's home Monday to help get Prody's Mustang started -- at Simpson's request.


But an enraged Prody lunged for him, Dockendorf said, after he told her he had dialed 911 from his cellphone.


''She was like a wild animal,'' he said.


On Tuesday, Dockendorf, 47, was nursing scratches to his forehead and ear -- and fielding calls from celebrity tabloids wanting the real story, he said.


''I just want to say that through it all, O.J. was not violent at all,'' Dockendorf said.


According to Dockendorf, Simpson drove over in his Pathfinder to Dockendorf's nearby home, asking for help -- and a battery charger -- to start Prody's car. They drove back to Simpson's house.


All hell broke loose, Dockendorf said, when Simpson noticed Prody had taken items from his house and stuffed them in a dark bag.


''He reached into her car to get the bag and that's when she went crazy on him,'' Dockendorf said. Among the items was a bottle of tequila, he said.


Dockendorf said Prody, 30, then started to scratch and punch Simpson, 57, pulling at his heavy gold chain. Dockendorf, watching in amazement, called police -- and told her so.


That's when Prody went after him.


She then took off in her car.


'At first, [simpson] was mad at me for calling the police on her, but I told him: `O.J., you have to document this kind of behavior for your own protection,' '' Dockendorf said. ``He told me later that's what he should have done with [former wife] Nicole. He said he never called police on her.''


When units arrived, Simpson confirmed Dockendorf's story to police.


No charges will be filed against Prody, Miami-Dade police spokesman Juan DelCastillo said Tuesday.


''[simpson and Dockendorf] indicated they did not want to press charges,'' DelCastillo said.


In the police report, both men described Prody to the officer as ``intoxicated with alcoholic beverages.''


When an officer contacted Prody by phone at home, Prody said she was busy and couldn't talk.


Prody later hung up on a reporter.


Simpson downplayed the incident to reporters Tuesday, saying he was not hurt.


Dockendorf said he struck up a friendship with Simpson because they both have football pasts. Dockendorf said he played college ball. Miami-Dade court records indicate that he was convicted of battery on an officer, burglary and grand theft in the late 1970s and '80s.


Dockendorf said Prody called him Tuesday and threatened to describe him as ''a shady character'' to the media.


Drama is nothing new in Simpson and Prody's tumultuous relationship, which began in 1997, when they were first linked in gossip columns.


In October 1999, Simpson called Miami-Dade police to report that former Los Angeles Dodgers star Pedro Guerrero had taken a female friend he described as Prody on a two-day drug binge. Prody later returned home and Simpson said police misunderstood him. He was referring to another female friend, not Prody.


In May 2000, police were called to a domestic dispute between Simpson and Prody at the Wyndham Hotel near Miami International Airport. Hotel security said during a ''verbal dispute'' in the middle of the night, Prody ''became enraged and began striking'' Simpson. He declined to press charges.



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