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Question for everybody here


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from that durtay durtay 7-1-3




actually, I like his music. I like the "screwed" parts of his (and lil flip, chamillionaire, etc.) songs. Although I don't like the whole song to be chopped and screwed (i.e. T.I.'s Urban Legend).


I guess since I'm not too far from Texas, I've had an affinity for Houston rappers (along with Memphis of course).

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reprazentin swisha swisha swisha house


(nick swisher's house?)


Me and my friends had a joke all year about our teacher Mrs. Jones. We had an intern the last half of the year, so whenever Mrs. Jones, our regular teacher, would walk in, me and my friends would yell "Who? Mrs. Jones!!"


Then, on the last day of school, we wrote all over the whiteboard. We wrote crap like Mrs. Jones be tippin' on fo' 4's..Who is Mrs. Jones?...All that kinda stuff. We then asked if she was related to Mike Jones, and she said she didn't know who that was. Then, about 30 seconds later, she told us that she dated a guy named Micheal Jones in high school. We had so much fun in that class...


BTW, say Micheal Jones in spanish, or with a spanish accent...

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