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Brown Out As Pistons Coach


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After back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals under Admin Brown, the Detroit Pistons will have a new coach next season. Pistons president Joe Dumars told ESPN that the team and Brown are in ongoing talks for a buyout of Brown's contract, which has three years left at an estimated $18 million.


Dumars added that Brown's staff has been told that the talks are ongoing. No one has been fired or dismissed.


There was no immediate word whether the buyout would contain any stipulations that would prevent Brown from coaching another team for this upcoming season.


Dumars added that ex-Minnesota coach Flip Saunders, who turned down a lucrative offer from Milwaukee while waiting for the months-long Brown saga to reach a climax, is the leading candidate to replace Brown in Detroit but has yet to interview with the Pistons.


Brown said as recently as Friday that he was "confident" about returning to the Pistons next season, having overcome season-long speculation about new jobs to lead Detroit to within one victory of back-to-back championships.


Yet Brown, according to sources, could not guarantee that his health would hold up for a full season, which Pistons owner Bill Davidson had made a prerequisite for the 64-year-old's return.


It was not immediately known if the buyout arrangement would be finalized Monday.


It also remains to be seen whether Brown will take some time away from the NBA, stay with the Pistons in some capacity, or immediately pursue a coaching position with New York Knicks or a front-office position with the Cleveland Cavaliers. New York president Isiah Thomas has held off on making Herb Williams his full-time head coach in the event that Brown becomes available.


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Guest FishFanInPA

I don't feel bad because he did the same thing to Philadelphia. And we were thoroughly criticized for booing him upon his return by the national media. I want to hear the same attacks if he coaches the Knicks and returns to face Detroit and gets booed.

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I wonder how much playing time Darko will get this season.



too many big men in that team ... poor darko seriously needs some playing time



they should "loan" him out to a european team simply to check out where he is at ... I really doubt that could be done, but they should make an exception for lonely Darko



... oh yeah, I really think that "Flip" Saunders takes a part in that good percentage of NBA players that smokes pot on a daily basis.

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