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#1 Elin Grindemyr VS. #8 Veronica Varekova


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#1 Elin Grindemyr


Nominated By: Fritz

What Is She Known For? Model

Approval Rating: 83%

Credentials: Won Bracket 3, Defeated Lacey Chabert, Caprice Bourret, and Lisa Dergan





#8 Veronica Varekova


Nominated By: Mark

What Is She Known For? SI Swimsuit Model

Approval Rating: 58%

Credentials: Won Bracket 5, Defeated Mya, Rachel McAdams, and Next Door Nikki





Please vote for who you think is hotter.

If you are not satisfied with the pictures...go to Google Image Search for more looks.

It'd be nice if everyone posted who they voted for and why if they want.


Let the voting begin!

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