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Buckeyes @ Wolverines


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Can't say I agree with that decision to go for it on 4th, either. What the hell?


I guess it works out since they just hit the FG, but it didn't make sense within its original context.

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Troy Smith's first 300 yard game.


Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise

And songs to Alma Mater raise

While our hearts rebounding thrill

With joy which death alone can still

Summer's heat or winter's cold

The seasons pass the years will roll

Time and change will surely (truly) show

How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!


These jolly days of priceless worth

By far the gladdest days on earth

Soon will pass and we not know

How dearly we love Ohio

We should strive to keep thy name

Of fair repute and spotless fame

So in college halls well grow

And love thee better ... OHIO!


Though age may dim our mem'ry's store

We'll think of happy days of yore

True to friend and frank to foe

As sturdy sons of Ohio

If on seas of care we roll

Neath blackened sky or barren shoal

Thoughts of thee bid darkness go

Dear Alma Mater...OHIO!


What a game.



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What an awesome game, probably shaved 3-5 years off my lifespan, but oh well.


Troy Smith played so well today, my hat is off to him.


I really got kindof emotional seeing Bobby Carpenter come off the field with that injury and then come back on the field on the crutches...with so much emotion in his face, I really wish he could have been on the field for that.


I also miss not being able to see this game with my dad, I know it was probably great for him to see this and redeem themselves a bit after those two close, crushing losses. In all likelihood I will be traveling to OSU's bowl game, Im hoping for the Fiesta.

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Yeah, Penn State is dominating.


We should get in, we travel too well and we deserve it anyway. Alabama is getting smoked and Va Tech laid an egg in their only big game.


Both of our losses were tight games against top 4 BCS teams.





I will be giving this guy serious dap on Monday. That is all.

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