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The Sun Will Come up

Das Texan

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Today has been the greatest day in this franchise since we won the World Series in 2003.


You know scenes like this:




We were not going to realistically see that anytime soon due to everything that was in place. Hell we are damn lucky to have seen that just a couple of years ago.


Here is the bottom line, now you ask, why is this the greatest day since that fateful day? Because we have been pussyfooting our way to this stadium. The state of Florida has dicked the Marlins around. The city of Miami has dicked the Marlins around. Why? You can probably form a strong arguement that it was becuase the threat of them leaving was never really there. It never truly existed because they always assumed Jeffery Loria would simply quit and either sell the team or just accept fate. He hasnt and thats a great thing for this franchise.


Now lets address something here. Those of you that are utterly attacking Jeffery Loria are dumber than dirt and everything I have been posting is definitely directed at you. Why? Because you are definitely thinking like a dumb idiot. To not see what he has done and what he has brought this franchise and simply shrug it off is a great travesty and a great injustice. There is no other way to say it. I mean I was one of the most skeptical people regarding the Loria regime when it first arrived. Today I can say its the greatest thing to ever happen to this franchise. Why? One they brought us a World Series. Ya but Wayne did that also. But Mr. Loria and company truly care about this franchise not only just doing it, but being the best at what they do. They have been more than willing to take a loss on this franchise while they built a real fanbase and while they worked on getting a stadium funded. And for that we should be thanking them, not spewing venom with our forked tounges at them. I mean sure it would be great if Mr. Loria could fund a stadium completely on his own. That's not the case and with 98% of professional franchises that is not the case. Stop looking at the damn exceptions and look at the generally accepted rules. When we were 30 million apart earlier this year, you had to think it was a no brainer. When Mr. Samson says that if all parties truly were open to making it work, it could have happened; but some werent interested. I believe him. Why? Look at what they have done for this franchise, doing everything they said they would do, why wouldnt a sane and rational person think this way. So to those of you wanting him to sell because of what he has done you are full of it. To those of you that want him to sell to some rich owner than can afford a stadium...why should he? He bought the team he can do as he wishes within reason. At this point, you would have to think its quite reasonable to look at all options both in Florida and out of Florida. It makes the most business sense, I mean again if the region truly cared this wouldnt be an issue still, yet it is.


Now let me take a moment to address this us versus them mentality that is developing. You people need to realize something. Its not us against them being out of towners against locals but Marlin fans against opponents. Damn. As Coach Parcells says, you are what you are. The Miami area has been a horrible market and have failed to support the franchise. You can try to spin it in whatever way you want to, but the fact remains this franchise has not been supported. Sure there are some great fans and some very bright spots. But you are still losing. Even in football, on a bad team there may be some really good players doing a great job, the fact is that you are still a bad football team. So wake up, open your eyes and smell the coffee. Geez.


This is a great day for our franchise becuase now all know we are not just playing around anymore. Sure I want the team to remain in South Florida first, Florida second...but the fact is that I want what is best for this organization be that in Florida or outside of Florida. We should all truly wish this upon this franchise. If you want this team in Florida then I tell you locals that now is the time for you to shine. There is only so much us 'evil out of towners' can do. Politicos dont really care about us becuase we mean nothing to them. Speak out with your voices, with your pens, with your ballots. Do all that you can if you truly want this team to remain viable in South Florida. Its not us against you, its us Marlin fans against those opposed to us. This is a great day becuase now everyone knows the reality. The reality is that after this dark, dark day...A new day will rise, a new day full of opportunity, full of a bright and full future.


That's something that should truly excite all of us.


And there is no moderator talk going on here in case any of you are wondering this, I am making this topic as a fellow member of this community, no different than anyone so dont even start that.


And now over and out.

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Bullying in situations where the decision making base is luke warm at best never attained great results.


While this may be the beginning of the end game, it isn't exactly good news.


Did this need to be said? Yes. Could it have been said better while attaining the same message? Probably not. However, that still doesn't mean that it's necessarily "good" for the franchise.


I could care less who owns the team, I'm not calling for Loria's head or him to sell the team because two exponentially wealthier owners tried and failed to put a stadium together and a competitive team on the field on a budget...Loria (at least I pray) still has his intentions in the right place as far as the South Florida fans are concerned.


What is overlooked greatly here is that relocation of the franchise saves Loria in the neighborhood of $100 million in loans from MLB that were to be payable if and only if the Marlins secured a new stadium in Miami. Couple that with what he wouldn't have to pay to get a new stadium built (since you figure Vegas will build one for him), and I've got close to $300 million reasons why I don't think this will end well.

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Wow. I must say today has been something that takes your breath away. Hopefully we can find a way to make this franchise work, use creativity to keep the players we have next year with the team for a while and make the best of the situtation. The GM's job is going to be really tough if the goal is to be as competitive as possible.



PS. Hope to see ya around sometime soon Das.

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