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Jason Stokes??


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He's a power hitter that can't hit for power. Thus, he's useless.



Yeah, his .521 career SLG is a joke. :shifty


His main issue is health, his Albuquerque numbers from 05 are sexy, but they're only in 46 AB (.283/.340/.674 5 HR).


It's easy to give up on someone who keeps getting hurt, but lets not forget he's only 23 years old (24 in January).


He's not someone you want to have in an important role right now, but giving up on him would be stupid. If he stays healthy this season, his stock is going to soar. He's a luxury with Jacobs having been acquired. If Stokes breaks out, great, we can move him to LF (if even needed there) or trade him. If he doesn't, oh well.

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Injuries, poor defense, poor hitting (for average), poor strike zone judgment.



I'd love for Jacobs, Willingham and Treanor or a veteran backup to get 50 or so games each behind the plate next year in addition to other duties. Together they'd combine .800+ OPS at a position where you're lucky to get a .750 guy, while making the league minimum.

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If Jacobs can show that he can catch full time and be decent at it, then Stokes should get a nice shot at 1B.


Mike has shown the ability to adjust to pitchers as they adjust to him. After hitting 4 HRs in his first 4 games, he went into a mini-slump then made adjustments. Then again, pitchers adjusted to him. And somehow, he was able to come back and finish the year hitting .310 with his 10 HRs in around 100 ABs.


So I think he's the real deal. But not a catcher. No way. He's an adequate first baseman. He looked like Keith Hernandez compared to the failed Mike Piazza experiment at 1B, but he's not that great a fielder. I'd call him adequate.


Look, after you guys win again in a few years and dismantle your team again, you can always trade Jacobs to the AL where he can shine as a DH.


And Petit is no throw in. He's a legit prospect that throws slow stuff but manages to average a K an inning.

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