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The louigy appreciation thread

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Guest ShaqandWade323

All the other players that we traded way (Beckett, Lowell, Delgado) I could less what they do elsewhere, but I actually wish Luis all the best in Minnesota and hope he does extremely well there.



You don't care about Beckett, the guy who won the World Series for us a couple years ago? Um ok, I'll root for all former Marlin players in wherever they go except for players that either pissed me off or weren't really here long enough to make a difference. (Ex: Burnett, Piazza, and Delgado)

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It's pathetic the Marlins traded an All-Star player for so much history on the team for a couple of nobodies. They aren't even in the top 20 prospects in the Twins organization.



One's got one pitch, the other's got one knee, what's not to like?


Together they have one pitch and three knees. :mischief

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watching louie play was fun.. defnetley when he had his hit streak going on that was great to watch....


he reminded me alot Man Ram.......doesn't really know who the pither is, or what he's hit aganst him be4... just go's up there and hits........


i too will always check the box score to see what he does every night in twins city........


as 4 us, Welcome Back to 1998...... should be fun to watch the young playaz im excited to see what hermida, Jacobs and Rameriz got......


as 4 pitching thats a toss up.. " i have no clue what to expect there"

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