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The Mermaids


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wow 250,000 for cheerleaders no wonder why Loria is broke


I have no idea how much the Marlins pay the Mermaids. In figuring $250000 I figured that there are about 25 Mermaids. I figured they get paid $125 per game. I don't think you can get the local talent from Tootsie's to work 5 hours for $125. That would work out to $253125 not including uniforms and anything else.



Maybe they'll start a new deal with the Mermaids that would cost Loria nothing. Let them work A la Carte. Sit next to a fan for an inning for $20. Or if the seat next to the fan was occupied they could sit in the same seat with the fan. They could also strike there own extra deals with the fans, depending on what the fan wanted. Maybe they could open up a Mermaid Champagne Room.

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