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4/26 Marlins win 7-5 Game Thoughts


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I told you we won 2 outs early. Sheesh.



Hotcorner, re: bullpen

Perhaps it's unfavorable opinion, but yes, under the right situation, there's not much difference between the best and worst pitcher that's allowed to play in the majors. There's some who can handle the competition and some who can handle the stress better. But if seriously think a bullpen of Benitez, Smoltz, Gagne, Rivera, Ryan and Isringhausen can lead a team whose starters pitch less than 5.5 IP per game and whose offense gives them the 2nd worst run support in the entire majors to success, well, frankly you're an idiot.

Any improvement to our starter's or offense's overall or late-inning performance will have a greater effect on the team's success than any reliever of any name added to the staff.


great game by Hammer, 1-1 hr 2rbi 2bb 2hbp


1.000 1.000 4.000



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nice win! I'm hear on Pacific Time, so when I got out of school today, the game was already under way...my g/f texted me that the Marls were on TV today, and when I met her at home she told me they were losing...but I didnt check the game or anything, cause we drove out to her school...I put the game on, and its 3-3...watch good baseball and we win it 7-5! Well deserved! Girardi looked like he wasnt too thrilled with the win though :mischief2

but anyway! Great way to head to an off day!! :thumbup

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I'm just worried about German's straight BB in 8th, but Herges' pitches are good.


When will we sweep it away in series ??


Maybe it was vs. Rocks?? ^^



From South Korea,

I'm a big fan of Hermida

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Guest ShaqandWade323

- It's now Uggla for ROY. Someone else already has Hanley and I'm taking the underdog. Still love Hanley though.


- Joe Borowski looks like a slightly older Nick Lachey. He's purty.


- Reed for Willingham was the right call plus Reed moved Cabs over to second and Jacobs drove in Cabs. Reed played well. (Needs to learn to hit though)


- I miss JP but not his weak arm.


- Helms should play more.


- Cabs looks like the pillsbury dough boy. If I poked him in the stomach, would he go "Whoo-hoo!"?

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