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Best Pitching staff in the NL?

Eddie Altamonte

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Guys I hate to say this...Am I crazy, but... do the Marlins not have the best pitching staff in the NL right now?

Considering both Starters and Bullpen...We have a more reliable bullpen than the Mets In our Rotation 1-4 Our pitchers can outduel anyone. Even Moe puts in quality starts as a 5th starter...Let me just enjoy my insanity!

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Although Moehler has had some fairly decent starts this season he still feels like an automatic loss whenever he is scheduled.


I couldnt agree more. I went to a game Moe pitched and eventhought he pitched good I just held my breath the whole game.

Every team has a guy like that in their rotation; so, it all sort of evens out.

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