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2006 Home Run Derby

Guest FishFanInPA

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Go Jermaine and Miguel!


They should have put Arroyo in it and made Glendon Rusch throw to him.



Yeah :lol



My prediction: Tejada will get the record back for HRs in one round, hitting 28 in the first round. He will then proceed to hit no more for the day, and will never hit one the rest of his career, where as Troy Glaus will be eliminated in the first round hitting 0, swinging at the first 10 pitches he sees. He will then go on to not only break the record for single-season homeruns with 113 next season, but then continue to go on and hit 1632 career home runs. Cabrera will win the whole thing hitting 12 in each round, and finish the season with 49 homeruns, and win the MVP award.


Then again, thats just my prediction. I could be completely wrong.

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I don't think the distance is going to make a difference with these guys. I can assure you we won't see any Alex Gonzalez, line drive just over the left field wall home runs from David Ortiz or Ryan Howard.


yeah but hitting 400 foot homers in fenway or in philly are different than 400 foot homers in pnc...i mean i know its the same distance, but there is a reason pnc is a pitchers park...i guess we will just have to see if the balls are juiced like in last years competition

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