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D-Train's numbers

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I don't know if anyone else has thought of it, but Dontrelle won 22 games go up against 3, 4, and 5 starters. Wasn't he a number 4 or 5 starter last year? Trains W/L re cord must be based ont he fact that he is facing aces where he is not getting the same run support as last year. Does anyone remember what starter number he was last year?

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it is all about the defense as d-train puts alot of groundball out there if a team has a good defense then they will be easy outs. If they dont (like us), then they wont be.



Yeah, earlier in the season when Willis saw Hanley wild throw or Jacobs horrible defense, Willis tried to be the hero and went for the K. Well he learn he is a ground ball pitcher and he now can relly on his defense now.


Marlins Rotation last year was a mess, from 5 men rotation to 6, AL was put inside a box and ship to NYY where he continue his struggle. Vagas sent up. I think the final rotation was:









The group that carry us 5 games over .500


The group that bring us back where we came from


So on and so on until we miss the damn playoff! :mad

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These are always funny arguments.. if everyones starters matched up perfectly, every team would have off days on the same day and nobody would ever get hurt.. not to mention the whole shuffled rotation thing at the break and the use of 4 man rotations at the beginning of the year. If anything, its by chance that you land on the same "starter number".

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