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The Black Dahlia


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Synopsis: The film follows two detectives in 1940s Los Angeles as they investigate the murder of Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia. In a subplot to the movie, the two detectives, Bucky Bliechert (Josh Hartnett), and Lee Blanchard are caught in a love triangle with a female character portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Lee and Bliechert became obsessed with the murder and it gradually consumes their lives, as they try to uncover a intricate plot that reaches far beyond the average murder, and into the depths of an underworld run by pornography, femme fatales, police corruption, crazed loonies, detectives, and criminals. A wildy graphic storyline set on the backdrop of the Black Dahlia murder.


Starring: Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, Hillary Swank, Aaron Eckheart, Mira Kirshner


Directed By: Brian De Palma


Produced By: N/A


Release Date: September 15, 2006


Trailer | Official Site | IMDB



Very intriguing movie. The storyline (based on a true story) seems really good and film noir I can either really like or dislike. Brian De Palma hasn't had a good movie since '93's Carlito's Way and this could be what gets him back on track. Good cast as well and I'm glad to see Hartnett get what looks to be a really good role.

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Guest Fritz

Eckhart/Swank reunion from "The Core".


Fabulous movie that was.




This movie looks pretty damn impressive. Sounds like a fascinating premise. This and Hollywoodland make for two "based on true events" Hollywood actor murder mystery thriller flicks. It appears that 2006 is gonna totally redeem itself this fall after a subpar summer.

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Hartnett is one of THE worst actors in Hollywood. I think he'll find a way to ruin this like he's done to every other film where he has more than two pages of dialogue.


I think I might end up boycotting this guy's career after Hollywood Homicide (my personal pick as worst movie ever) and Pearl Harbor.

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How did I know before clicking on the thread that your post would be negative?



You're a genius?


And it follows under my 65/35 rule?


Hartnett sucks. I like Johanssen (ever since The Man Who Wasn't There), but I'm not sure even she could save this if he's carrying the movie.

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De Palma may be a hack now, but 30 years ago he made Carrie, and that is one fine movie. Mission: Impossible is also one of my favorite movies, although I know reasonable people will disagree on that one. He's definitely got his share of disasters on his resume, though.



He makes movies I either love or I hate. Stylistically he sometimes takes chances that either work or don't.


And Untouchables is my favorite work of his, by far.

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Man, Carrie is so good. The 15-20 minutes leading up to and including the part where she goes apeshit is one of my favorite pieces of film-making ever. I've probably watched it a couple dozen times.


The Untouchables is alright. I don't think it's anything great ever. It seems like De Palma has more misses than hits.


I've never seen Bonfire of the Vanities, but it's supposedly an enormous disaster.

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