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Power Alley seating


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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone with experience in these seats could give me their opinion?


I've never sat there before, and I want to take my dad to a game. Is it a fun area to sit, or is it too far away/distorted view? Thanks!


We were trading in our Sunday tix to sit there a couple times this year to get out of the sun and heat. Not bad. Problems are you can't see anything hit deep from LF over to about center LF. It's all blocked from view by the wall. And of course you can't see the out of town scoreboard. If you decide to go there try to stay away from the lower seat numbers in 211 (foul pole). Right now we are just kinda scopeing out the 200 section for the best seats with the best views. Last time we sat in 245 but can't see into the dugout from there so next we are trying 201.

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The power alley is really nice..


And with the spots that are blocked out, I go with fan reactions and then look to see if the runner is hustling, jogging, or going back to the dugout.


I once had a Miguel Cabrera homerun go directly over my head (April 7, 2004).


A 408-Foot Homer :)

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You feel very isolated from the rest of the ballpark. Usually on weeknights the Power Alley is about 10% full tops so it's a small gathering out there... and although you cna sit on the foul side of the left field corner no one does. So basically if you're in the Power Alley the closest "crowded area" is down close to 3rd base line. It's a decent place to watch the game. You miss the whole out of town scoreboard and you can't see anything hit near the warning track. But you aren't terribly far from the infield and you can definitley watch the game.

I'd buy power alley seats and then go to sit in section 255. There's never an usher at the entrance to 255-256 so you can always get in there.

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I like it; mostly very laid back, occasionally turning exciting when a home run is hit your way.


The Publix 2-for-1 offer is also worth mentioning; $14 for a Club seat is a great deal (you get 2 tix for $28).


How do I get that?


You got to buy a specific product at publix... and bring the reci. to the box office

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Don't you have to buy a Tropicana item?


Not sure about Tropicana, but I usually buy a bottle of Zephyrhills water and it does the trick.


So I can just buy a bottle of water and show the receipt at the box office and get the buy 1 get 1 free deal?

That's what I do.

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