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Marlins Joe Borowski..

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In the National League, the choices are Nomar Garciaparra of the Dodgers, Johnny Estrada of the Diamondbacks, Carlos Beltran of the Mets, Scott Rolen of the Cardinals, Joe Borowski of the Marlins and Edgar Renteria of the Braves.




He doesn't have much of a shot with those names (Nomar and Beltran) But I thought it was worth posting that the Marlins have signed closers, Todd Jones and Joe Boe, and they have been able to come through with solid years and be up for this award

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Nomar and Rolen have cases.




Why the hell are Beltran and Renteria on that list? They didn't drop off the face of the earth last year. They had fairly productive seasons in their own right but weren't obviously up to "standard".



Admittedly, I don't know what Estrada's year has been like. But only JoeBo, Nomar, and Rolen deserve the award.

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Why not? Probably deserves it. Some other good choices too, but go vote for JoBo!


Vote here. mlb.com


Borowski closes in on Comeback award

Stopper puts injuries behind him, finds home with Marlins

By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com


MIAMI -- By late June in 2005, Joe Borowski went from being a late-inning reliever with the Cubs to being expendable when Kerry Wood was ready to come off the disabled list.

So to make room for Wood on the roster, the Cubs designated Borowski for assignment. Less than two weeks later, the veteran right-hander was signed by the Devil Rays, and he pitched admirably for the second half.


Still, no one really knew what to expect from Borowski when he signed as a free agent with the Marlins on Jan. 3. A history of injuries and a looming 35th birthday made it uncertain what he would contribute.


Those questions have now been put to rest. Borowski has stepped up as a dependable closer for the surprising Marlins. Healthy once more, he finds himself one of six candidates for the National League Comeback Player of the Year Award.


"It's definitely flattering that people take notice of it," said Borowski, who opened the 2005 season on the disabled list with a fractured bone in his right forearm. "You always have high expectations, you try to make them realistic. But I'd say, coming into a situation where you weren't exactly sure what would happen."


Last year's winners of the Comeback Player of the Year Award, presented by Viagra and voted on by fans via MLB.com, were Jason Giambi of the Yankees and Ken Griffey Jr. of the Reds.


Along with Borowski, the five other NL candidates are: Atlanta's Edgar Renteria, Milwaukee's Jeff Cirillo, St. Louis' Scott Rolen, Los Angeles' Nomar Garciaparra and San Diego's Mike Cameron.

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There has NOT been a better comeback this year.


I know! I thought the same damn thing. he's a .300 hitter, who hit .230 last year, and now is a .300 type hitter again. lowell should be a shoo-in for the award, and he's not even nominanted. :plain

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