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Happy Left-Handed day!


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Is Lefty... A lefty?


TW = Lefty




Lefty > Righty


We get specially made guitars, our pitchers get their own names, if we were going to punch you, you would block the wrong side, and of course, like passion said, we bug you while you eat!


*moves elbow franticly*



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Thankfully at family dinners, my cousin is a lefty...and since we are the only two lefties in the ENTIRE extended family, we sit next to each as to avoid eating issues.


Things I do with my right hand/leg due to lefty discrimination:


cutting with scissors

kicking a ball

holding a glass

hold the shifter on a car

use a computer mouse

drive on the right side of the road.


In addition, I have to learn how to golf right handed now because finding some lefty rentals is next to impossible.

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I never made the Lefty is a Lefty connection. :plain


You still can't write on binders though. Btw, what side is your computer mouse on (and do you "left click by right clicking :plain)?


my mouse is on the right side. i'm not sure if i "left click by right clicking" or not..i'm confused

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