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Introducing Ineo


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Ineo is a Wiki type system for the board. All users have access to the Ineo system and if you are unfamiliar with how a wiki works here is a brief explanation. There are articles on various subjects, but the special thing about these articles is that any registered member can edit any of the articles and modify information as needed so it remains a current resource for all. In addition anyone can start new articles if you see a player for instance that should be there but currently isn't.


Due to the inherit abuse of these kind of systems, Ineo is designed to log every revision showing the differences between edits along with the member name of who made the change. If you decide to be "funny" and edit the articles in a immature way removing all the useful info and replacing it with a joke ala many Wikipedia users in the past, you will lose access to Ineo for an indefinite amount of time. I want this to be a great resource, and I think it can be if everyone works towards that.


I started a few articles in the categories of Ineo so far as examples. Please feel free to edit these articles, remove things I said if they were incorrect, add to them, anything you can do to make the content of the articles better.


The categories of Ineo right now are:


Florida Marlins


Articles about the Marlins broken into sub-categories for Current Marlins, Former Marlins, Future Marlins in the Minor Leagues, and the history of the franchise.

  • Current Players
  • Former Players
  • Minor League Players
  • History

Major League Baseball


Articles about Major League Baseball broken into sub-categories for Current Major Leaguers, Former Major Leaguers, and the history of the league.

  • Current Players
  • Former Players
  • History



Articles about the site. This will contain over time articles about media mentions of the site, history of the site, and more.




Articles about anything else that doesn't have a category. Please keep subjects appropiate to general audiences. If I notice a subject becomes really popular and could use a sub-category of it's own -- I will consider doing so.


In conclusion...


So basically Ineo will be as good and useful as you help it be. If it's not utilized it'll be of no use to any of us. No one person can build the content up but if lots of people use it a little, it can become the greatest addition to this site in a long while.


If you have questions or problems, let me know. Remember Ineo is brand new so there could be errors found as use of it increases, let me know if you see problems and they will get fixed up.


Ineo can be found in the upper right of any page or by clicking this link - http://www.marlinbaseball.com/forums/index.php?autocom=ineo

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