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Broken Nose


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I think I broke my nose today playing flag football. wtf is that.


I am officially the most injury plagued person in the world....Don't believe me?



left ankle (2)

right ankle (3)

right knee (1)

right wrist (1)

left wrist (1)



left ankle (2)

right ankle (1)

right wrist (1)

left thumb (1)

left pointer (1)

left middle (1)

right thumb (2)

right middle (1)

right arm (1)

left collar bone (1)

right collar bone (1)

nose (3)


Torn Ligaments:

left ankle (1)

right knee (1)



minor (2)

severe (1)

unknown (1 at playground in 1st grade)



bottom of foot (3)

above eye (8)

behind ear (13)

back of head (16-20)


I've also smashed my face on a skateboard, torn the skin off my knee and arm (2) and willingly ran into a wall head on at the age of 2 (1st concussion/stitches)


Injuries were received in varying activities. Most bizarre:


Walking in a circle while waiting for bus (1, sprained right ankle)

Tripped by sister while running toward lamp stand (1, stitches behind ear + turban for a week)

running down the slide at temple pre school, and falling halfway down off the side (1, left collar bone)


Most of the others occurred during sports like football, baseball and basketball. The worst by far was the broken right collar bone. The bone was completely separated and protruding from its natural place outward (also the only injury that I can remember bawling...when doctor tried to lift my arm up so he could 'spare' my gym t-shirt)


Ok, that was fun. Later.

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That sucks. I don't think I've ever suffered even a decent injury in sports, and I played football for 7 years and I've been playing baseball for 13 years...


Actually, the most severe injury I've suffered in a long time I got on Friday... I got punched above my eyebrow by some kid with brass knuckles. That was fun...

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I have 9 screws and metal plates in my left leg from a freaky skateboarding accident I had about 7 - 8 months ago. Its still healing but I have made great strides and I am on my way to being 100% again. I am surely not skateboarding again unless its just to cruise around


the one bad thing is that the mobility in my ankle is very limited so a sharp turn while running means excrutiating pain


bottom line: I feel your pain

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That's one thing about the injuries I've sustained--none of them have ever caused permanent damage (thankfully, knock on wood).


However, the broken right arm must have resulted in a loss of bone density or 'something' because I can bend my arm at the elbow well past what would be considered normal limits. It doesn't hurt though, but I sometimes wonder if it affects me when I work my upper body.

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I have a few scars, all on my knees or legs, well save for one on my forehead from chickenpox, but its not that noticeable.



I had a hairline fracture of my wrist in second grade. that sucked.



i have a torn meniscus in my knee currently..no biggie.


i have sprained various joints numerous times, most commont being my ankles. I have probably sprained my right ankle over 15 times adn my left one going on 10 times. I thought I broke my thumb last year, never got it looked at so i suppose it is possible it was broken.



after the first couple of sprains though, its not THAT bad.



I think thats the extent of my 'injuries' since muscle pulls and strains i dont count unless its torn (thankfully havent had that)

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