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Most 100-Win Seasons


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Yankees: 18

A's: 10

Braves: 8

Cardinals: 8

Giants: 7

Dodgers: 6

Orioles: 5

Tigers: 5

Cubs: 5

Reds: 4

Mets: 3

Red Sox: 3

Phillies: 2

Pirates: 2

Indians: 2

D-Backs: 1

Mariners: 1

Royals: 1

Astros: 1

Twins: 1

White Sox: 1

Devil Rays: 0

Marlins: 0

Rockies: 0

Blue Jays: 0

Nationals: 0

Padres: 0

Brewers: 0

Angels: 0

Rangers: 0

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*BUMP* Two days later....


FYI for the history buffs, since the advent of divisional play in 1969, the closest that it has ever been with all playoff teams being 100-win teams was 1977. In the AL, the Yankees went 100-62 and the Royals went 102-60. In the NL, the Phillies went 101-61 and the Dodgers went 98-64. Amazingly enough, the Dodgers had some ridiculous 24-4? start to the season and ended up 2 games short of 100 (and 2 games short of the Yankees in the World Series). Memories of a sportfan filled youth...


Also, I think the 1961 Tigers, 1962 Dodgers, 1980 Orioles and 1993 Giants are the only teams to win 100 games in a season and not make the playoffs.


I did those from memory, anyone else can correct me on that.

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