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Vote For Eddy Curry All-Star Center


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My Teams Right Now:




C - Dwight Howard, Orlando

PF - Chris Bosh, Toronto

SF - Lebron James, Cleveland

SG - Dwayne Wade, Miami

PG - Allen Iverson, TBA


Emeka Okafor, Charlotte

Jermaine O'Neal, Indiana

Joe Johnson, Atlanta

Vince Carter, New Jersey

Michael Redd, Milwaukee

Jason Kidd, New Jersey

Chauncey Billups, Detroit

Gilbert Arenas, Washington




C - Yao Ming, Houston

PF - Kevin Garnett, Minnesota

SF - Carmelo Anthony, Denver

SG - Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles

PG - Steve Nash, Phoenix


Marcus Camby, Denver

Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas

Carlos Boozer, Utah

Shawn Marion, Phoenix

Rashard Lewis, Seattle

Chris Paul, New Orleans

Ray Allen, Seattle

Zach Randolph, Portland

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In talking to my friend who is a Celtics fan today, he brought up the bitterness he feels looking at the potential Eastern All-Stars, since both Billups and Joe Johnson were players the Celtics gave up on too early. Forgot all about that, can you imagine with the Celtics starting Billups, Johnson and Pierce at the 1-2-3 instead of lumping Paul in with Telfair and Tony Allen. Ha.

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My current all star team:


PG. Steve Nash

SG. Kobe Bryant

SF. Carmelo Anthony

PF. Zach Randolph

C. Yao Ming


PG. Andre Miller

SG. Ray Allen

SF. Ron Artest

SF. Rashard Lewis

PF. Dirk Nowitzki

PF. Carlos Boozer

C. Mehmet Okur


PG. Jason Kidd

SG. Michael Redd

SF. Lebron James

PF. Chris Bosh

C. Dwight Howard


PG. Allen Iverson

PG. Gilbert Arenas

SG. Joe Johnson

SG. Dwyane Wade

SF. Luol Deng

PF. Emeka Okafor

C. Jermaine O'Neal

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