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Rob Neyer with multiple Marlins bulletpoints


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From his chat today.


Kellan (DC): How about the fish this year, can they reel in a playoff spot?


SportsNation Rob Neyer: (12:25 PM ET ) I love their young players, but I suspect they're going to need a sort of consolidation year. Look for the Marlins to make some noise in 2008.


Justin (Queens, NY): What player(s) do you see taking baseball to another level (excitment and intrigue)for the next few seasons?


SportsNation Rob Neyer: (12:27 PM ET ) I don't know about "another" level; the existing level is pretty good. But Alex Gordon and Delmon Young are the only two can't-miss rookies I see. And among the non-rookies, I'd watch Felix Hernandez and Miguel Cabrera. And of course Jose Reyes.


Josh (Miami): The Marlins will trade Dontrelle by the deadline, true or false?


SportsNation Rob Neyer: (12:35 PM ET ) False. If they wanted to deal him, they would have already. I suspect they'll finally get their new ballpark, which might spur them to sign Willis and/or Cabrera to long-term extensions.

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