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Volstad on the table?


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Beinfest and crew appear not to want to give up the pitchers at the major league level to get a cf and I see where they are coming from. Should we deal volstad in a deal for baldelli, rios or even upton? I know how great he is suposed to be but with all our pitching it seems we could make a deal like that and keep our depth of piching at or ready for the big leagues and really improve our line up and defense.


As far as our future, does anyone doubt beinfest's ability to take a pitcher in the draft this year to go along with sinkbiel?

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That is exactly my point. I f we could get one of the above cf's for garcia and volstad are we going to be hurting for piching over the next 3-4 years?


Btw, my personal untouchables are willis, sanchez, johnson, olsen and pinto.

I like Pinto.. and I wasnt sure of him at all coming into the season because of the walks, to put it lightly. In my eyes, I dont consider him an untouchable.. but I like the kid. Would love to see what he could do in the closers role. One thing is for sure, opposing hitters are very uneasy against him. His walks are obviously scary, a knock against him since he joined baseball.. but if he can harness it just a little bit, he'll be amazing. The term "effectively wild" best desribes him, from what we saw this year. A 1.58 WHIP but a 3 ERA, .190 BAA and more Ks than IP.

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