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Vitamin Water...


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I know I made a thread like this a long time ago but who here drinks vitamin water? That stuff is amazing. The green-tea is the best :notworthy .


Has anyone seen the lemon-tea vitamin water? They have so many flavors online but I never see them in the stores.



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At The WinnDicme there was some Nascar people out front with there stupid-a** racecar parked out front. And two girls with a big bucket of Vitamin agua in ice y frio water! Handing it out free!!!


And the Vitamiin Water too! Fruit Punch y kiwi ... something like that? Muy Bien! :thumbup


Anyway, I said could i get one more for mi madre! Cuz she was ut giving me one! So the girl said, "Where's your mom?" And i said, "She's home."


And they both had that expression! and smiled ! :) and said, "Heeeeere!




But i really did get it for my mom!!

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