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Who will be the Spot starter in Atlanta?


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I would expect RVH since he has already seen time, and is pitching well in AA.


Gaby has collapsed his last couple outings, but he hasn't been stellar all year.


I can't really think of anyone else that is at the point of being called up. I would HATE to see the Marlins throw Thompson in there... he just recently starting to throw well.


Maybe Mildren, who had a good start to this year at AAA, but has been flailing for awhile. I think he pitches tonight, actually.


He would be my vote since he has been seeing AAA all year.

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Who has pitched decently in AA and/or AAA that could come up?

Mildren, Gaby, RVH, Chris George, Daniel Barone


yuck, besides RVH

Gotta love how we are known to have to have great pitching, but when we need a pitcher we have zippo.


I do have a feeling that if someone needs to be brought up its going to be Gaby (Maybe he will be "on" that day). Also, he would be pitching on 6/7 days rest.


There's a bottom to every well. Just look at our DL and you can tell why we are becoming thin at pitchers. Yea we are deep there but most aren't ready yet. Our pen has been used and abused because our starters haven't been able to give us enough innings.

The names being thrown around on the web site and RVH, Mildren, and Jesus.

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Craid did say the Marlins are going to bring someone up from the minors for one of the DH games. I wish someone in AA was pitching atleast decently.


If Mitre can't go on Monday, there will be a need for an emergency starter. The Marlins and Braves are playing a split-day doubleheader on Tuesday. The team is leaning toward bringing up Rick Vanden Hurk from Double-A Carolina to pitch one of those games. Two pitchers on the 40-man roster who would be candidates to fill in if Mitre isn't ready are lefty Paul Mildren from Triple-A Albuquerque, and Jesus Delgado of Double-A Carolina.


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