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  1. Apparently Super 2 eligabilty will happen around June 10th. Do you think Yelich will be brought up in mid-June or will the team wait? I personally think hes brought up as soon as Super 2 starts.
  2. Made this move so when Diaz comes off DL that Brown can just be DFA'd
  3. Nick Green will b back up don't worry :/ Valekia's been holding 2nd down surprisingly well.
  4. Yelich to 1B, Ozuna to LF and leave Stanton in RF. Pretty sure Yelich came out of high school as a 1st Baseman / Outfielder while I dont think Stanton has ever played a lick of infield in his life. Stanton being in the lineup is obviously contingent upon him not being traded. If he is traded I hope its for, at the minimum, a 3rd Baseman, 2nd Baseman and Pitching. Im still not sold on Dietrich as a long term MLBer. I hope he's not though because I cant stand to think we'd lose Miggy and Stanton (2 of the purist hitters of the modern era) within 6 years of each other.
  5. Dobbs to 3rd, Polanco to 2nd, Mahoney to 1st?
  6. Cant believe it hasn't been considered yet.... LEFT HANDED BAT OFF THE BENCH hahahah!!
  7. Just put up 4 different interior view cameras to see the construction from within. These camera angles give you a better idea of how the ballpark is taking shape IMO. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/fla/ballpark/webcam.jsp
  8. OMG, thank you so much for these! I'm in g-ville and can't see anything . Also, do you think *crossing my fingers* that those teal polls in the front mean something regarding the colors???? :whistle I think those are left over from the Orange Bowl from the Dolphin days
  9. I would prefer: LF Coghlan CF Maybin SS Ramirez 3B Cantu C Baker 2B Uggla 1B Sanchez/Morrison RF Ross P Pitcher
  10. Why is Tucker down to 1 option if he was never called up this year? He was brought up in '08 but not '09 so shouldn't he still have 2? It's not a matter of being called up to the majors for options. An option is used when a player is on the 40 man roster, but not on the 25 man roster. So him not being brought up is exactly why is option was used. Tucker was placed on the 40 man roster during 08, so his first option was used then. So, since he never saw ML team for us, we had him optioned in the minors for the entire 09 year. Ahh thanks for the clean up Nny. That makes much more sense.
  11. Why is Tucker down to 1 option if he was never called up this year? He was brought up in '08 but not '09 so shouldn't he still have 2?
  12. You don't fix something that's not broken :thumbup
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