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Skipworth optioned to AAA, Mahoney activated


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Wish they had given Skipworth a chance.


Maybe Skipworth needs to be skip a few games before he can demonstrate his worthThat was horrible.


The Marlins should really take a long, hard look at Cox and see if he can stand up to MLB pitching.


Hopefully he can swing that magic stick of his for power at the ML level.

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The Marlins aren't even sure if Cox can hit minor league pitching yet, so it'd be dumb to call him up now.


So far he has, but that's a small sampling size (39 PAs). He was horrible offensively last season in both AA and AAA.


Your horrible too.

At least I know how to spell "you're."


And, yes, I noticed the puns, but I also assumed that you were being somewhat serious by mentioning Cox because that's something that you would propose.

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No way I'm serious about him coming to the Marlins.



And incase you haven't noticed I have poor grammar on these boards. Usually because I'm on my phone and autocorrect adjusts it. Your, you're or yoor- I'm not writing a term paper.


I don't care what version I use, as long as I am speaking my mind. These pettiness of saying you're to anyone who uses the wrong one is just that petty.

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You know it's bad when we're excited about Joe Mahoney coming back



'tis true. But it's a little more interesting to see if a guy like that can make a name for himself rather than just seeing Dobbs or Coghlan again. It's why I'm looking forward to seeing Silverio too.


For some reason I was thinking Mahoney's minor league numbers were worse than they are... were pretty respectable actually (minus the walk rate I guess). He's supposed to be pretty smooth at 1B and athletic for a big guy so can play the OF corners too if needed.


I don't have any ridiculous expectations from him but worth a shot.

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Mahoney at 1B, Dobbs at 3B, Polanco at 2nd would be the best of whats going to be an underwhelming combination no matter what. Whatever gets Solano out of the lineup, he is not a major league caliber player.



Neither him nor Coghlan but that won't stop the FO from using them.


I'd like to see Deitrich in June especially if he continues that .850+ OPS in AA.

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If Dietrich continues to mash, then sure. He seems like a Dustin Ackley type 2B(when Ackley is playing to his potential and no whatever that crap he put out there last year was). I wish the Fish could have gotten Hak Ju Lee instead of Dietrich however, although I know that is a MLB 2K style trade.

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