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Hollywood Game 1 Thoughts


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LA had won 99 straight home games when leading after 8. Last loss was the Lenny/Gagne game


hehehe.... good times


oh and Hanley for life and hof and president


don't sweat it Hermida, you got bailed out


bullpen was great tonight, even though Gregg gave us all heart attacks

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Guest Festa

Willis continues to be perplexing. Cruising along and that he just pulls an Olsen.



Jacobs looked really good swinging the bat tonight.

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Beautiful stuff. Could it be more Hollywood?


Marlins are up early, but a hick-up in the road by our struggling ace, Dontelle Willis, opens up the floodgates, the youngster who was expected to be an all-star but is having trouble living up to what everyone aspired from him, Jeremy Hermida, makes a crucial mistake, and puts us down.


The storied player with a slump, Miguel Cabrera, breaks out and ties it up.


Hanley Ramirez, the 1 man team, the savior, brings us into the lead.


Kevin Gregg, Superman, The closer, comes in to a tight game in extra innings, loses his safety net, but manages to get a pop-up against a man who always puts the ball in play, and right to the savior, Hanley Ramirez. And the Marlins are in the WIN COLUMN!




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