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Another BSO Deputy Killed


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Found him at a Pawn Shop in Hollywood, following a lead. Thank goodness.


RIP to Rein, he must have really loved the job. We don't know the exact circumstances on how Mazza overpowered him in the first place but come on, WTF is a 76-year-old doing transporting prisoners? I understand he's a veteran and knows the job well but physically, there's no way he's going to be able to fight off a way heavier man.

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Tragedy, but why the hell was a 76 year old allowed to transport inmates? At least give the man another older partner to work with.



Supposedly, when you're handcuffed and chained to the chair in back of the driver who is protected by steel mesh, you would think he would be safe.



Whatever the circumstances, these tragedies must stop. It's like there's a freakin' free for all to kill cops.


And who are we going to get to protect us, the criminals???

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