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Goodbye House of Football for S. Florida


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As pregame tradition dictates, a cannon will boom and white smoke will pour from a tunnel leading out of the

locker room. The Miami Hurricanes will emerge and run east into the night, traipsing across ground where John F. Kennedy spoke, Joe Namath made good on his Super Bowl guarantee and the Miami Dolphins were perfect.


A rusty old building, nothing but steel and concrete and ghosts, will shake in delight.


And an era will end.


For 70 years, the Hurricanes called this place home. The Orange Bowl, now an exquisite eyesore, hosted everything from Super Bowls to the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, from Hollywood movies to hurricane evacuees.


And, by the way, some of the finest college football games were played there, including 11 that decided national championships.


On Saturday night, the Hurricanes will play there for the 468th time.


The final time.


"I guess the old girl had to be retired at some point, since we couldn't get enough money to get her built up the right way," said Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp, a 1994 All-American at Miami. "She goes out the greatest stadium in America, in my mind."


At the beginning, she was.


Billed at its opening as "the largest and most modern steel stadium in the nation," the Orange Bowl -- or Roddy Burdine Stadium, as it was originally known, a nod to the department store magnate who got it built -- was beyond compare.


"A beautiful structure without peer in beauty and adaptability," wrote Jack Bell in the Miami Daily News on Dec. 10, 1937, the night the place was dedicated.


Times change.


The Orange Bowl's best days were decades ago. More than a few seats are falling apart. The scoreboard is as modern as bellbottoms. It's not uncommon to see something fall off the structure during games. Some visitors make the sign of the cross as they enter the elevators. There's drips from the ceilings, rust on all corners, puddles in the concourses and evidence of decay almost everywhere.









I know the other threads in the stadium area mentions this but it is from the perspective hope for the marlins.


Here I figured a thread to remember the old girl that has been a part of Miami tradition for the past 80 years. Be it from high school games that drew 40,000+ people often to seeing Super Bowls won. Watching presidents speak and boxers fight and you name it in terms of sports.



I will never forget sitting in the stands as the metal rumbled from the sounds of a packed House Stomping their Feet. The Echoes railing against the night as the Dolphins or even Canes ran up amazing games before a packaged house. The Roar that would deaden the opponents and force them to lose their own confidence.


I know it is just some steel and concrete. I know that the paint is cracked and it is falling apart. I know that it is even her time to go.


But, I cant stop loving every moment that I spent growing up watching some of the greatest sporting events of my lifetime take place



Thank you Orange Bowl, I am one fan that will never forget you.



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Guest Night Phantom

I'll be there to say goodbye tomorrow. It's time, but it's going to be a great time. Let's hope it goes out in fitting fashion.


Where is Gameday tomorrow?

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Even with all the classic FSU-Miami games I've seen in the OB, I don't think any of them top the 1993 National Championship game. Talk about a crazyass ending. We had already started celebrating in the stands and then bam...the refs put 1 second back on the clock, giving Nebraska a chance to win the game with a field goal. Thank the Lord that he missed.

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Guest Night Phantom

Bah. It should be at the last game in the OB. They definitely would do it that way if it was the last game in the Swamp or some other big stadium.

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Bah. It should be at the last game in the OB. They definitely would do it that way if it was the last game in the Swamp or some other big stadium.


They said they considered coming down here for the last UM game at the OB but were worried that they wouldn't draw a big enough crowd for the 11am show.

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