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The 2007 Holiday Shopping Thread


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With Black Friday over, most of us have started or are going to be starting our Holiday shopping. I thought this thread would be a good place to post what you are considering getting, deals, who you are shopping for, experiences over the shopping season, etc.


Here are the people I'll be shopping for and I'm putting a $ sign to denote how much of my budget is going to each.


Wife: $$$$$

Father: $$$

Mother: $$

Older Brother: $$

Younger Brother: $$

Friend: $

Friend2: $

Friend3: $

Friend4: $

Friend5: $

Friend6: $

All Others Combined: $$


Also, today is 'Cyber Monday' and a lot of retailers are offering deals and free shipping today.




I'm looking around on there but I think I need to start compiling some more detailed lists and a plan of 'attack' before I really start.

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I've noticed some good DVD deals at some places for Cyber Monday, but not much else. I wanted to get a Hard Drive, but the usual suspects aren't selling at that much of a discount.


Unfortunately I'm in a rut right now. I just got a speeding ticket ($160) at 3am on Saturday morning driving up to Tallahassee (seriously! 3 f***ing AM on the Turnpike where there is NOBODY else and I was only going 82 in a 70)...that and I won't be working over winter break so I'm in the hole with my car payment. Family understands. But as far as what little I am buying:


Mom/Dad: $$$

Sister: $$

Grandpa: $$

Grandma: $$

Everyone else combined: $$


I really doubt I can spend more than 150 total on everyone, which sucks...but what am I gonna do?

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I'm broke as hell since I just pretty much got the household a new everything: tv, game system (wont be used by anyone but me) tv table (you need one for a new tv) hd dvd player, furniture and all other expenses ... plus our anniversary was late october so I spent a boat load of money on a nice evening watch and a perfume that she really wanted.


so my expenditures for chrismas will be very, very selective...



i'm broke yo!

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Guest Count Bass D

I'm getting my sister this: http://www.amazon.com/Name-This-Band-Talki...4553&sr=8-1


My dad: the Ken Burns book, The War.


My mom: I'm not sure, I'm thinking a 100 dollar gift certificate to some store she likes (she's impossible to buy for)


My 2 cousins: both are getting custom made tshirts with something they made up on them, it'll be funny and it's cheap.


My best friend: a dildo, lol, I'm thinking some shirt or hat from UNF.


Nobody else gets anything.

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My family does a secret santa. So, I only have to buy 1 gift for family members, one gift for each of my neices and nephews, and my other leg for my wifey.


I got my brother-in-law this year so I ordered some personalized labels for a bottle of 21 year old Irish whiskey. He's a huge Bushmill's fan so I'm getting him a couple of bottles [he usually drinks Blackbush so this is a big step up]. I'm also carving a personalized cask to hold the whiskey for his bar.


No idea what to get the kids - but I'll figure something out.


My wife? Crap. I pretty much screwed myself with that trip to Miami for her birthday. How do I top that?? Maybe I'll knit her some socks. I guess I better buy a DVD that will teach me how to knit...

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Guest iFesta Touch

Mom: $$$$$

Dad: $$$

Sis: $$

Abuelita: $$

Abuelita: $$

Dodge's Hot Sis: $$

bobbob the Colluder: $($$$$$$$$$)


Everyone else: [X]



Percentages of a $0 budget are still $0.






I make more money than you. I probably make more money than your parents send you too.



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GF's friends? ouch



For me, not really spending a lot. Budget is pretty tight right now.


Dad: $ Taking him to a race next year with pit passes and stuff. Hopefully the 500. Won't cost much.

Mom: $$$ Who knows

Sister: $$ (it's double. She's an XMas baby) Probably a movie or two. Maybe something for apartment.

Friends: $ Nothing exciting. Maybe some comical presents of some sorts.


By the way. the Ken Burns book "The War" is full of awesomeness. (someone mentioned it earlier) Just got it the other day.

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