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Taylor Tankersley

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ok so we all remember last year when tank started off horribly and then wa sent down and came back up strong.... he looks exactly like he did last year at this time and something is not right with him.....i think he needs to shave the ugly stache of his face and put the socks down cuase i remeber when he wore the socks down in 06 he was much better....just a superstition thing

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I still think he's as good as it gets, as a secondary lefty in a bullpen.

He just has to get it together.


Because if you think about it (don't just look at this year), how many teams have the option of having their 2nd best lefty in the pen being a guy like Tank? How many teams even have 2 lefties in the pen, period?


He's better than this.

We'll see...

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