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Dempster Re-Signed By Cubs


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He's come a long way from being a sub-par player for us years ago.


The glove shake thing he started doing this year really helped him, and it showed by the impressive numbers he put up. If only he did that when he was with us... :(


Now quit shaking your glove like a weirdo


I think he's fine with looking like a weirdo if it makes him pitch better. A very rich weirdo.

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To me this only confirms that the Marlins are one of the few teams who "gets it".


Lavisihing these kinds of guaranteed deals on guys so late in their careers is crazy. I'm not hating on Dempster, good for him. Put a little back into the south Florida economy.

But the Marlins plan of getting highly productive years out of guys while making little money (first 3 years) to somewhat moderate money (Uggla in his arbitration years) and then flipping the player for prospects within a year of FA just makes too much sense. Ofcourse, this plan only works when there are enough teams that throw around big dollars like the big market teams always do.

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