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Mother Of All Watch Threads 9/10


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I think we should have a daily thread like this, just like a Marlins Game thread where we can talk about other games from around the league that hold implications for the Marlins.


Rockies kicking it off at 3:15 with Contreras starting. No Tulo or Helton for them. Hopefully they actually lose a game. Lets go Reds!

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That Nationals game seriously gave me a heart attack, and I was watching it on gameday. I would've been dead already if I was watching it live.


I was and I really thought they were going to blow it at the end there.


I think we all did...funny thing is, I think most of us Marlins fans had stopped watching our game and were watching the end of that game instead for a bit :p


Maybe it was just me (I had our game on in my little corner, but I had my attention on the nats game...doing a few of these::nailbite:pray)

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here's the updated wild card elimination numbers (in bold) as of today and remaining opponents. i'm not putting on records on this, since at this point, only elimination numbers really matter.


Colorado Rockies (3 vs. Cardinals, 3 vs. Brewers, 3 @ Dodgers)

Atlanta Braves (7; 3 @ Nationals, 3 vs. Marlins, 4 vs. Nationals)

San Francisco Giants (6; 3 vs. Cubs, 3 vs. D'backs, 3 @ Padres)

Florida Marlins (6; 3 vs. Mets, 3 @ Braves, 3 @ Phillies)

Chicago Cubs (4; 3 @ Giants, 4 vs. Pirates, 3 vs. D'backs)


on paper, the braves have the easiest schedule the rest of the way, but you never know in the last week of the season.

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