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April 2010 Pitchers Round Up


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Quick Stats



SP Ryan Tucker - 22.2 IP, 3.57 era, 1.28 whip (23 H, 6 BB), 14 K, .261 BAA, 1.04 GB/FB, 2 HR

SP Rick Vanden Hurk - 22 IP, 6.55 era, 1.81 whip (33 H, 7 BB), 15 K, .340 BAA, .85 GB/FB, 2 HR.

RP Jhan Marinez - 9.2 IP, 1.86 era, 1.45 whip (6 H, 8 BB), 17 K, .188 BAA, .71 GB/FB

SP Alejandro Sanabia - 31.1 IP, 1.15 era, .89 whip (20 H, 8 BB), 30 K, .179 BAA, .97 GB/FB, 1 HR

RP Steve Cishek - 8.1 IP, 2.16 era, 1.44 whip (8 H, 4 BB), 9 K, .242 BAA, 3.00 GB/FB

SP Kyle Kaminska - 21 IP, 5.57 era, 1.66 whip (29 H, 6 BB), 10 K, .333 BAA, .88 GB/FB, 1 HR

RP Peter Andrelcyzk - 14.1 IP, 3.77 era, 1.04 whip (12 H, 3 BB), 10 K, .231 BAA, 2.44 GB/FB, 2 HR


SP Chad James - 14.2 IP, 4.30 era, 1.36 whip (13 H, 7 BB), 14 K, .232 BAA, 2.63 GB/FB

SP Brad Hand - 21 IP, 3.43 era, 1.52 whip (26 H, 6 BB), 25 K, .306 AVG, 1.85 GB/FB, 3 HR

RP Dan Jennings - 9.1 IP, 3.86 era, 2.57 whip (11 H, 13 BB), 12 K, 3.00 GB/FB, .306 BAA

RP Hunter Jones - 22.1 IP, 3.22 era, 1.34 whip (22 H, 8 BB), 15 K, .256 BAA, 1.72 GB/FB, 1 HR


DL - Sean West, Andrew Miller, Jose Ceda


Greensboro Grasshoppers (A Ball)


SP - Chad James (19 years old, 2009 first round pick)


April 2010 - 14.2 IP, 4.30 era, 1.36 whip (13 H, 7 BB), 14 K, .232 BAA, 2.63 FB/GB


The Marlins top pitching prospect. It’s hard to evaluate a guy with such limited professional experience, but he is a big 6’4 lefty who already throws in the low/mid 90s and has an advanced change for his age. BA rates his changeup best in the Marlins system. His third offering is a curve which is projected to be above average. It speaks a lot for his stuff that the Marlins opted to put him in Greensboro immediately rather than have him hang out in extended spring training and Jamestown.


Hasn’t pitched since April 19th. Looks like they are challenging him with the progressed level, but are taking it slow at the same time with suspected mechanical work. Certainly one to watch and talk about for years. If that ground ball rate and K rate stay anywhere to form, this is going to be a monster.


SP/RP - Edgar Olmos (20 years old, 2008 third round pick)

2009 - Spent most of the year in extended spring training, 9 uneventful innings in GCL/JAM


April 2010 - 16.2 IP, 4.32 era, 1.86 whip (26 H, 10 BB), 27 K, .300 BAA, 1.36 GB/FB


Olmos is a big 6’5 lefty. Very typical of this Marlins staff to pick. Sample sizes are brutal for pitchers so we’ll see where he lands in a few months, but those are really healthy K numbers. He has worked in the high 80s since being drafted, but velocity is expected to creep up as he bulks up in the minors. His out pitch is a curve, and as with all lefties, is working on a changeup. I will be interested in seeing radar gun reports on him as the season goes along. If he is filling out, and I’d venture to say he is with those K’s racking up, could be a big time prospect starting to develop.


RP - Arquimedes Caminero - 9 IP, 6.00 era, 2.44 whip (12 H, 10 BB), 13 K, .316 BAA, 1.00 GB/FB. Terrible stats and old for his age, but ranks with top 5 overall stuff in the Marlins farm system. Hits 98 on the gun. He is a reliever, and if he ever finds the control will astronomically shoot up our prospect rankings. There was rumors the Yankees were going to select him in the Rule V draft without ever pitching above A ball.


SP - Matt Montgomery - 30.1 IP, 2.67 era, 0.89 whip (25 H, 2 BB), 22 K, .217 BAA, 2.00 GB/FB, 1 HR. Who the hell does this guy think he is? 23 years old, right handed, 10th round draft pick in the 2009 draft. Pitched college ball at UC Riverside and is absolutely smoking the kids in A ball. This is probably a classic case of older college pitcher killing the kids. Montgomery tops out in the high 80s and throws a slider as his out pitch. Nice start to the year, but he’s going to need to keep that insane control going if he’s going to succeed as he levels up.


Important no shows - Bryan Berglund (2009 2nd round pick), Steven Richard (2009 8th round pick)


Jupiter (A+ Advanced Ball)


SP - Brad Hand (20 years old, 2008 second round pick)

2009 (A) - 127.2 IP, 4.86 era, 1.53 whip (127 H, 66 BB), 122 K, .264 BAA, 1.22 GB/FB, 12 HR


April 2010 - 21 IP, 3.43 era, 1.52 whip (26 H, 6 BB), 25 K, .306 AVG, 1.85 GB/FB, 3 HR


Another projectable lefty, Hand hits low 90s with a curve being his main out pitch. BA rates his curve best in the system. He did very well as a 19 year old in hitter’s paradise Greensboro, and is holding his own in Jupiter so far. Whip is a bit high, but his K rates are very solid and is producing groundballs. All sorts of things to like here. Longterm, the Marlins currently grooming him as a starter, but a lot of scouts think a better ceiling for him based on his stuff and jerky mechanics is a shut down power reliever. Time will tell, but good start to 2010 regardless. Less hits please.


RP - Jhan Marinez (22 years old, 2006 International Signing DR)

2009 (A+) - 43 IP, 3.14 era, 1.09 whip (28 H, 20 BB), 42 K, .185 BAA, .68 GB/FB, 4 HR


April 2010 - 9.2 IP, 1.86 era, 1.45 whip (6 H, 8 BB), 17 K, .188 BAA, .71 GB/FB


Arguably the Marlins top RP prospect, certainly top 2 or 3 if not. He can hit the upper 90s on the gun and throws a slider from a 3/4 angle that tails away and kills people. BA rates him as the best fastball in the system. The lack of hits is excellent, it’s just a matter of control. If he finds it, this is a potential plus plus relief pitcher arm. Once those walks go down, he’ll move up to Jacksonville by this summer.


RP - Steve Cishek (24 years old, 2007 draft 5th round)

2009 (A+) - 57 IP, 2.84 era, .91 whip (36 H, 16 BB), 45 K, .182 BAA, 1.98 GB/FB


April 2010 - 8.1 IP, 2.16 era, 1.44 whip (8 H, 4 BB), 9 K, .242 BAA, 3.00 GB/FB


A little old for the level, but Cishek throws in the low/mid 90s with a slider and changeup. The changeup is considered the better pitch of the bunch. He is currently road blocked in Jupiter with all the other arms in the system in front of him, but he is one of the better RP arms around and could turn himself into a legitimate bullpen candidate in a year or two.


SP - Kyle Kaminska (22 years old, 2007 25th round)

2009 (A) - 142.2 IP, 4.16 era, 1.38 whip (162 H, 36 BB), 112 K, .284 BAA, 1.01 GB/FB, 10 HR


April 2010 - 21 IP, 5.57 era, 1.66 whip (29 H, 6 BB), 10 K, .333 BAA, .88 GB/FB, 1 HR


Considered a tough sign out of the draft, he fell and the Marlins were lucky to get him. Has overcome some injuries and has been back healthy for over a year. Kaminska throws in the 88-91, with a real nice slider in the low 80s. One of the knocks on him as been, he has to much control. Meaning he throws to many pitches down the middle, resulting in those hit numbers, instead of dancing around the outside of the plate trying to get guys to swing at junk. That is a youth trait however versus talent, and he certainly has an arm. Getting rocked in Jupiter, but it’s April. We’ll see how he looks in another 50 innings, and chances are the numbers come down a bit.


RP - Peter Andrelcyzk (25 years old, 2008 draft 5th rounder)

2009 (A, A+ combined) - 69.2 IP, 2.71 era, 1.20 whip (68 H, 16 BB), 85 K, .251 BAA, 1.64 GB/FB


April 2010 - 14.1 IP, 3.77 era, 1.04 whip (12 H, 3 BB), 10 K, .231 BAA, 2.44 GB/FB, 2 HR (note: stats include May 1st. He has jumped levels and I don’t want to dissect his different few game splits)


A late bloomer, Pete is a 6’1 right hander who hits low 90s, tops out 94-95, on the gun and throws a hard dipping sliders which really murders right handers. He spent most of his time in Greensboro last year and really just killed a few people. He has pitched a few innings in Jax this year for some reason, but seems to be hanging out in Jupiter for the most part. He’s missing a lot of bats and getting ground balls so he is one to watch. If he is successful in Jupiter, he will probably move quickly to Jacksonville full time because he is a bit old for his league at the moment.


Others of interest - Rob Bono (Lindstrom deal), who is a junk ball pitcher. Has pitched well in lower levels, but is suspected to start getting shelled as he moves up. Graham Johnson, some like him a lot, I am not a fan yet. Has a nice GB rate and strikes a few guys out, but is supposedly pretty hittable. He’s huge, 6’6, so he could fill out and add some more velocity. But already throws in the low 90s. Projects as a RP once he gets out of A ball.


Jacksonville Suns (AA Ball)


SP - Alejandro Sanabia (22 years old, 2006 draft 32nd Round)

2009 (A+) - 104.1 IP, 3.45 era, 1.20 whip (89 H, 36 BB), .231 BAA, .87 GB/FB, 6 HR


April 2010 - 31.1 IP, 1.15 era, .89 whip (20 H, 8 BB), 30 K, .179 BAA, .97 GB/FB, 1 HR


Sanabia is the 9th youngest player in the Southern league (Stanton is 3rd, Dominguez 4th) and a big time sleeper prospect in the Marlins system. He tops out at 91-92, but scouts say he typically works in the mid/high 80s. His best pitch is a changeup that clocks in the low 80s, and he has a developing slurve type slider. He is very little, listed at 6’1 and 165 pounds, although I have to imagine he is bigger than that. Scouts question if his stuff holds up as he progresses because he doesn’t light up the gun and is a flyball pitcher, but the hope is he packs and sustains some weight on him and it adds a few clicks to his pitch speeds. Hopefully his AA stats are an indication of that. If he keeps pitching like this, he will receive big profiles on the scouting sites.


RP - Dan Jennings (23 years old, 2008 ninth round pick)

2009 (Combined A, A+, AA) - 62.2 IP, 1.19 whip (49 H, 26 BB), 69 K, 2.26 GB/FB, .221 BAA, 1 HR


April 2010 - 9.1 IP, 3.86 era, 2.57 whip (11 H, 13 BB), 12 K, 3.00 GB/FB, .306 BAA


Jennings is a big lefty who initially was developed as a starter, but quickly moved to the bullpen. He is the Marlins LOOGY of the future who busts left handers inside with a slider. BA rates his slider as the best in the system. He tops out 90-91 on his fastball. Initial stats aren’t very good in AA, but it’s a sample size issue. I suspect they look much nicer by the summer. This is one of the Marlins top 5 RP prospects.


RP - Garret Parcell (26 years old, 2007 draft 12th round).

2009 (A+, AA combined) - 40.2 IP, .25 era (2 earned runs), .76 whip (16 H, 15 BB), 42 K, 2.05 GB/FB, .128 BAA


April 2010 - 11 IP, 3.27 era, 1.63 whip (13 H, 5 BB), 5 K, .325 BAA, 1.67 GB/FB


Parcell’s first outing in 2010 he gave up 3 earned runs. That’s more than all of 2009 showing how dominant he was last year. He is older and has battled some injuries, so this is a big year for Parcell to duplicate his performance in the upper minors and show the Marlins he is a legitimate bullpen candidate for this or next year. Parcell throws at a 3/4 arm angle, and lives or dies on his breaking pitches. He does not have a plus fastball, topping out around 90 with moderate movement, but his changeup is really a plus plus pitch he mixes up and throws anywhere from 70-low 80s. He also throws a curve in the mid/upper 70s. These deception/offspeed pitchers don’t often make it in the bigs, but he’s just a really good one so we’ll see what happens. He probably gets up to NOLA sometime this year and eventually gets a legitimate shot in spring training/MLB to make it.


Others of Interest... Elih Villanueva, had a nice year in pitcher’s haven Jupiter last year with an awesome 18/110 BB/K and BA has ranked him with the best control in the Marlins system. But, he doesn’t possess overwhelming stuff so he is not projectionable as a starter in the bigs... Tom Koehler, big 6’3 250 righty who projects as a backend 5th starter or swingman. Throws low 90s, can top out 94-95, and throws a slider and change. One to watch, not count on yet... Brad Stone is 26 and is repeating Jax, despite throwing 80 innings there last year with a 2.23 era. He is an organizational starter. He is a flyball pitcher and doesn’t strike out enough guys to probably make it longterm. But, he is taking care of business where he is so there may be something year. Never know about these late bloomer pitchers... Jose Rosario, a 2007 international signee, another guy who did great in pitcher’s haven Jupiter last year, and will be kept an eye on this year in a more neutral environment to see if he holds up... Matt Petersen, 28 years old and invited to spring training. He was a 2nd round pick back in 2000 and has bounced around the minors for a decade. Is another flyball pitcher who benefitted from Jupiter last year, and he really needs to dominate AA if he wants to be taken seriously as a future bullpen candidate. So far so good with a good 10 innings in Jacksonville, but we’ll see how he holds up...and finally, Jeff Allison, who has been moved to the bullpen fulltime. It’s disappointing to think what could have been, but at 26 and with decreased velocity from when he was drafted in the first round, he is a longshot for a MLB career. Is more of an organizational arm at this point.


DL - Jose Ceda.Has not shown up yet. Maybe he will one day. If healthy, he challenges Mharinez and Tucker as the best RP prospects in the system. Graham Taylor has undergone Tommy John surgery and that may be it for him.


New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA)


SP/RP - Ryan Tucker (24 years old, 2005 first round pick)

2009 (AAA) - terrible stats, was coming off injury.


April 2010 - 22.2 IP, 3.57 era, 1.28 whip (23 H, 6 BB), 14 K, .261 BAA, 1.04 GB/FB, 2 HR


Tucker is currently starting in AAA, but it’s near unanimous he is going to be a back of the bullpen reliever in the bigs. He has a big mid 90s fastball, and throws a slider 10-12 mph slower to keep hitters off balanced. BA rates him as the best right hander in the system, ahead of Mharinez. You would like to see more strikeouts, but at this point the Marlins are just getting him innings because of a knee injury last year. He is likely penciled in to the 2011 bullpen with hopes of 130-150 innings in AAA this year get him to where he needs to be. Command is the only thing holding him back, but those 6 walks are encouraging if that stays true.


RP - Hunter Jones (26 years old, Non-Drafted FA signed by Boston)

2009 (AAA) - 53 IP, 4.25 era, 1.30 whip (45 H, 24 BB), 39 K, .232 BAA, .54 GB/FB, 7 HR


April 2010 - 22.1 IP, 3.22 era, 1.34 whip (22 H, 8 BB), 15 K, .256 BAA, 1.72 GB/FB, 1 HR


Hunter was the main piece received in the Hermida trade. He was rated in the 30s in Boston’s system, and is probably around the same in the Marlins system. He is currently up with the big club because of Hensley’s placement on the bereavement list, but has been starting in AAA despite not starting and being a reliever last year. The Marlins organizational philosophy seems to be to let the kids just throw innings, and then mold them to relievers at a later date. The current NOLA rotation - Tucker, Vanden Hurk, Jones - all might be in the Marlins bullpen in 2011. Hunter throws 90-91, with a slider that interestingly enough comes in on righties. He isn’t a LOOGY. He probably projects as the 7th guy in the Marlins pen next year, as the 2nd lefty and lefty long reliever to match with the Hopper. He is the # 3 lefty reliever in the organization right now behind Pinto and Meyer, so he will probably see notable time in the bigs this year.


SP - Rick Vanden Hurk, everyone knows who he is already so I will keep it brief. I have been saying for 3 years to convert this guy to a reliever, but the Marlins are insistent at developing him as a starter. If it’s just to get him innings, sure I take back the criticism, but he could be a weapon with his raw stuff over 30 pitches of max effort. Really plus fastball and ridiculous overhand curve when he is on. Needs to harness his stuff in 30 pitch bursts and just come in and murder people. Current stats in AAA, all starting, 22 IP, 6.55 era, 1.81 whip (33 H, 7 BB), 15 K, .340 BAA, .85 GB/FB, 2 HR.


Others of interest... Jay Buente was protected in the Rule V draft and is currently on the 40 man roster. He may be next up if a reliever is hurt. His peak is a 4h or 5th right hander in the bullpen.... Brett Sinkbiel is still generating a ton of GB, but all of them are hits and he is getting shelled... Taylor Tankeresley is getting shelled as well, but at least he has an injury excuse.. and Scott Strickland is still Scott Strickland pitching solid inAAA. He may be the next vagabond RP the Marlins unearth for some quality innings, or he might just stay in AAA all year as the Marlins work with Wood, Leroux, and the other kids.


DL - Sean West, Andrew Miller. Miller is starting rehab shortly.

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Chad James seems to a Chris Volstad kind of prospect. A guy that we know will most likely never be a #1 or 2 pitcher on a major league staff, but can become a serviceable #3 for years to come. Hope to see good stuff from him as we move forward.


As for Ceda, I'm getting pretty peeved that its been two years and we have yet to see him throw a pitch for us. I loved the trade when it happened, but it seems now that the Cubs hid the seriousness of Ceda's injury, thus why they were willing to give up their best relief prospect for Gregg.

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In Chad James' stats, it's supposed to be a 2.63 GB/FB, no? I'm hoping you wrote it backwards; otherwise, that doesn't look too good.


I haven't seen Villanueva pitch, but he continues to mow people down with excellent control. 27/5 K/BB in 29 IP, with a 1.172 WHIP and a 2.79 ERA as a 23-year-old in AA Jacksonville. The numbers look good, anyway.

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I dont think people were sayin that about Volstad before he was in the majors. Perhaps not a #1 guy...





He was always considered a high prospect because he was safe, but he never struck enough guys out to become a top guy. He was a top prospect because the chances of him flaming out were relatively low, not because he had a huge upside.

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