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8/15 Marlins @ Reds - 1:10 PM


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Stanton is expected to be batting 5th today, and hopefully for the rest of the season.


Glad to see this,hope it continues. He's crushing the ball right now.


Solid chance to avoid the sweep today with Ani. He's been really good his last two road starts. Bailey still has a lot of problems staying consistent,he's been up and down several times with the Reds. Jump on him early,he tends to rely on his FB too much.


Hate playing the Reds,we always seem to have a hell of a time beating them,especially in Cincy.

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PLEASE get 81-81!!!!!!




Sadly yes, on pace for that. I hope the Marlins win today and somehow sweep Pitt. Taking 3 out of 4 in Pitt would be nice and should happen, but a sweep would be better.


At least as a fan there's still Uggla and Stanton to root for. JJ is just too tired and falling apart in this second half. Well, not falling apart...but not as great as his first half. One day he'll win a NL Cy Young award though....one day.

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