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9/3/10 Braves @ Marlins


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# Position Name
1. 2B      Omar Infante
2. RF      Jason Heyward
3. 3B      Martin Prado
4. 1B      Derrek Lee
5. LF      Matt Diaz (F*CK)
6. SS      Alex Gonzalez
7. C       David Ross
8. CF      Rick Ankiel
9. P       Kenshin Kawakami


# Position Name
1. CF      Cameron Maybin
2. LF      Logan Morrison
3. SS      Hanley Ramirez
4. 2B      Dan Uggla (Welcome Back)
5. 1B      Gaby "KO" Sanchez
6. 3B      Chad Tracy
7. RF      Mike Stanton
8. C       Brad "Everyone forgot about my first homer last night" Davis
9. P       Andrew Miller


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ahhh I tell ya, it hurt to see D Lee in a Braves uniform at first, but you can't deny it's been a pretty disappointing year for him. The Braves got him mostly out of necessity since Glaus went from 1st to 3rd when Chipper went down, right?


Well I think Glaus is down for the year as well but don't quote me on that.

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