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Q&A with Chase Carroll


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Brett Carroll's brother Chase was nice enough to answer a few questions for everyone here. Chase is a professional golfer for those of you do not know. Here are his answers:


MarlinsBaseball.com: When you were growing up, did you ever think you and your brother would both be professional athletes?


Chase Carroll: I would say growing up probably not. It was always our dream to be doing what we love but to actually be doing it is very surreal. We are both extremely fortunate and blessed to be where we are today.


MB.com: Have you had a chance to see your brother play in a Major League game as of yet and if so, how was the experience?


Chase: I have seen him play quite a few times now. I stayed with him last September when I turned pro to play on The Fuzion Minor League Golf Tour which was an awesome experience because I would play a tournament in the morning and then go watch him play at night. Also, this past spring training I stayed with him and Cogs for a few weeks. That was great for me to see how they prepare for games and how they deal with the ups and downs of sports. The two most memorable experiences for me though were when he hit the walk-off against the Phillies and the base clearing double he hit against the Braves. Its tough to put into words just how proud I am of him and not just with baseball but more for the type of person he is and the impact he makes on other people's lives.


MB.com: Are you a baseball fan, and if so which team do you pull for?


Chase: Well since we grew up in Tennessee, the closest team to us are the Atlanta Braves. So I must say I am a Braves fan but I obviously will pull for whatever team Brett plays for.


MB.com: How has your golf career gone so far and are what are your current goals?


Chase: This was my first year out on tour and it was a very humbling experience. There is a lot of great talent out there. However, it was a great learning experience for me and really taught me the areas of my game that I need to work on the most to get to the next level. I made 7 out of 13 cuts this year. My goals for the 2011 season are to be more consistent. On the cuts I made, I had one poor round which cost me from placing well. The biggest thing for me though is to stay patient and just keep growing as a player and a person. As I have learned from Brett, it is a marathon and not a sprint.


MB.com: The motion of swinging a golf club in some ways mirrors that of a bat. Are there any skills that you and Brett can both work on together for your respective sports?


Chase: Well they are in fact somewhat similar. Since we both play sports that are swing oriented, we train the same way. So during the offseason, he and I train together which is great because we can really push each other in the gym. Last offseason we trained Monday thru Friday for a few hours a day in the gym and then mountain biked on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Needless to say, he and I are both very competitive and we try to kick each others butts. But as far as skills are concerned, I know I could never teach him how to hit a 95 mph cut fastball or how to throw a guy out from deep right center, ha.


MB.com: How's Brett's golf game, and how are you with a glove and a bat?


Chase: Brett swings much like he is trying to hit a home run. He really isn't too bad in golf, but just might not know where the ball is going sometimes (much like me). We have a great time playing together though cause he is always trying to get in my head while we are playing to get me mentally tougher. For me, I guess I was a pretty scrappy player when I played baseball. I played shortstop and was pretty fearless. Baseball was one of my favorite sports to play growing up but I knew with my size, I probably wouldn't be able to play in college.


MB.com: What would you say is tougher, a hole in one in golf or a no hitter in baseball and why?


Chase: That's a tough one because as an individual, both might not ever come in a player's career. However, I guess I would have to go with a no hitter simply because there is so many variables that go into it and it's not just one shot. It takes 8 other players on your team to help you accomplish the no hitter and you have less chances for a no hitter than a hole-in-one.


MB.com: What are some of your favorite activities when you aren't on the golf course?


Chase: When I'm not on the road playing, I really enjoy getting to spend time with my family and friends. Golf can be so mentally draining that it's nice to get away from golf and relax with them. When I'm home away from golf, typically I'll be at the gym, church, with friends, or just relaxing at the house taking our roommate Clay to school in a game of horse on the basketball court. ha

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